Twitter 4 Global Networking: An interview with Rob Brown (UK)

Twitter 4 Global Networking: An interview with Rob Brown (UK)

The Power of Twitter 4 Global Networking: An interview with Rob Brown (UK)

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed in the UK by Rob Brown, motivational business speaker and networking specialist.

Here’s some highlights of what we discussed.

  • The Five Point Plan to Crack the Twitter Code.
  • Why ‘sharing is better than chocolate!’ when it comes to networking on Twitter.
  • The 80/20 Rule for Twitter success.
  • That social media is for meeting people that you don’t yet know.
  • The need to be authentic and find your niche for Twitter success.
  • Why you must use automation tools to save time when networking online.
  • How social media helps you improve time management.
  • The power and benefits of global networking via social media.
  • The concept and advantage of ‘global social connectedness.’
  • Why social media networking increases your business potential.
  • A quick look in the crystal ball and the future of social media for business networking.
  • Why Twitter is the perfect social network information tool.
  • Insider Networking Tip: the best times for scheduling important tweets to reach the most readers.
  • Networking Productivity Tip: The Three T’s of Managing and Keeping Up with Twitter for Business.



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