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In this Blab we talk about how to TWEET WITH THE END IN MIND and why it is so important to include the following 3 elements in your Twitter marketing strategy. Once you have these in place you are in a solid position to move forward with your Social Media marketing, on Twitter or any of the other platforms you choose to use moving forward. 

How are you doing with these 3 elements?


(1) Your Website

(This is Your “Home Base”)


(2) Your Blog

(A Place To Tell Your Story)


(3) Your Free “Teaser”

(Builds Trust & Momentum)









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Wendy: Hi everybody my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery and today you’re joining Cash Life Mastery Social Juice ‘Tweet with the end in mind’ yes that’s right guys today we are talking about Twitter and how we can use Twitter to take our business into sky rocketing profits, and like I said my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery, where we’re helping entrepreneurs onto a path to success and if you would like to contact me we are Cash life mastery on Facebook, we would love to hear from you, with any of your questions, concerns and help you get your business into profit. Today guys joining me is my co host Keith Keller, the king of Twitter, and Keith would you like to introduce yourself  and tell people how to

Keith: So look if you haven’t heard of me before my name is Keith Keller there is no spelling that adds Because we’re putting this podcast on iTunes, the thing I love about blab is that not only do you get the live stream video, you get the audio which you can put on Sound Cloud, and increasingly onto iTunes, you get the video which you can put onto You Tube or Vimeo, so it’s a multidimensional process and my piece of the puzzle is that I have decided to master Twitter, a little bit of a one trick pony but we’ve got some good stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks round about the idea of using Twitter for business, not for fun, not to tell people you’re walking the dog, but to tell people, look I’ve got a book, or I’m speaking next week or I’ve got a gig coming up or I’ve just written a blog post and I would love for you to read it and it’s a really great traffic driver that’s the thing that Twitter really is good at, would you agree?        

Wendy: O absolutely I have to say over all the social media, because Twitter is so fast you know you can really shout out your business ideas and things you’re doing, many times throughout the day, and it just seems to get a whole lot more response because people know on Twitter that if I see it now, I have to respond now.   

Keith: Yeah, yeah

Wendy: And I think that’s what makes Twitter different from all the other social media.  

Keith: Well you know I’ve been doing, a lot of research on various sites, Pinterest, Lindkedin, Google+ and I know for sure that of the sites that I personally use for the tribe that I’m trying to reach, I get about 68% of my traffic from using Twitter. 68%, Twitter is a driver of traffic and when I say ‘Tweet with the end in mind’ of course you’ve got to have somewhere to send people to, it’s not having a coffee at the beach with my friend Wendy, or here I am walking the dog, isn’t that wonderful? It’s here’s an article I wrote, here’s a great article a friend wrote, here’s an event of a Speaker, here’s a book that I’ve been asked to write, here’s a video I saw that you might like. It’s sharing useful content and that’s why I say ‘Tweet with the end in mind’, I’ve got a system for this, I’ve got a system for this I’m going to walk you through today, but would you agree that’s what Twitter is about, it’s about sharing content so that people can learn and benefit from it?

Wendy: Absolutely and with what you’re saying, you have to have that home base guys, and your home base is always, always not your social media like you may think, it is your web site, you have to have that website. It is home base for everything you want to drive your traffic to it, you offer should always be within your website and then you’re tweeting and using your other social media to drive traffic to home base.   

Keith: This is actually the fundamental point. The fundamental point about tweeting with the end in mind is that really the goal is to send people back to your website, so that they can read your blogs, so that they can watch your video’s, so that they can find out what you do, there’s no point in hanging out on Twitter all day and then not really having a chance to bring people back unless you’re having those chats over the phone or Skype, so having a really robust home base and my home base is, don’t forget the au, because there are 175 other Keith Keller’s in the U.S one of which has the .com. what’s your home base Wendy? 

Wendy: Mine is

Keith: so that’s the home base, that’s absolutely essential in the world of online marketing, you’ve got to have that fundamental home, we’ve got a house, we own a house now and it’s a really lovely feeling to know that that’s that really settled place.

The second think that’s really interesting is the idea and this is increasingly becoming more important, is the idea of a blog. Now I have a blog using WordPress, many people use Tumblr or Weebly or there are a number of different sites you can use. The idea of a blog is really powerful because you can tell a story as it evolves, your home base your website is typically quite static, it might take you a couple of weeks or months to build, but once you’ve built it, it  usually stays quite static, quite similar to itself, but a blog is something you can do once or twice a day to say here’s and interesting event I went to, here’s a great book that I’ve read, here’s a thought that I thought you might enjoy. Here’s a video that you might be doing, or you might have a chance to go deeper. So a blog really is what I call a spare room, an extension to the home base idea, do you have a blog? Or do you use the idea of blogging? Or do you know people who do?

Wendy: Absolutely, you know we blog all the time and actually I teach blogging on Thursday’s here on blab and it is; guys I can’t explain to you what a difference it has made to my business, to be able to put up blog articles and have that little piece of information bringing people back to the website, and I do that by putting out the link to the blog through social media, and it really helps to draw people in because if you’re making a, just a standard tweet like Keith said ” Hey I’m out walking the dog” people might you know send in a heart or something but they’re not going to click on that link unless they know that something is going to benefit them.

Keith: Yeah

Wendy: So you need to make sure that you’re focussing on things that are actually going to benefit your niche and that’s another thing about tweeting with the end in mind, you have to think ahead and be solving a problem of your customers with your blog. 

Keith: Well I’m very interested to pick up on this because you’ve got another blab about blogging, there are so many words it’s very hard to get your head around them and very hard to get your mouth around, you’ve got a blab around blogging, try saying that three times pied piper [laughs]

Wendy: Isn’t that right

Keith: Now tell me what is the main advantage of having a blog over just a static website? So what are the main advantages you see?

Wendy: Well you know basically like I was saying before the blog is kind of like what you were saying the spare room. It’s the place where you can solve problems for your customers and people want to buy from people that they know, like and can trust, so that’s where you can take the problems of your customers, solve them, get that know I can trust factor going, put it out on your social media and within your blog you’re going to have products and services that will further help your customer, so you know then you increase your sales that way and you’re not like a car salesman trying to push your products, you’re doing it through your blog, and your website.

Keith: There’s a really big phrase at the moment called ‘Inbound marketing’, I really want to pick up on this idea. The old idea of outbound marketing is people ring up and say “Hey! We’ve got this special offer; can we come to your house and explain that?” Hey! You know this cold calling idea, the idea of cold calling makes me feel sick, someone knocking at your door [Unintelligible 09:05] “hey we’ve got this really cool special on electricity, if you just show me your last three bills I guarantee you that I’ll be able to shave you $10 a month”, “well that’s really great but I’m busy now and really could you go away”. Everyone hates that, everyone, everyone, everyone hates that, even if you’re saving 10 bucks a month, you know someone has invaded your house, your time, your space. But inbound marketing is the idea, well here’s a really good idea if you want to save $10 a month we’ve charted it all out and when you’re ready give us a call and we’ll chat about it. When you’re ready, not me, pushing you by saying “I’m here now and if you don’t take advantage of this in the next 30 seconds I’m going to the next house and you’ve missed out forever”. Well okay go, because I’m cooking dinner and I’m just not in the mood, so you’ve lost me, so inbound marketing compared to outbound marketing is the idea that this is exactly what a blog does it says, well I do know what I’m talking about and if it has occurred to you that you need to do this here’s my phone number, here’s my email, you contact me when you’re ready and let’s have a chat and that’s this trust that builds up, this enormous level of trust builds up that way. Doesn’t it?   

Wendy: Exactly, exactly, and that’s what I’m saying about the ‘know who I can trust factor’, people aren’t going to just buy from someone that they don’t know, they don’t know their level of expertise on the particular subject, you haven’t proven yourself to them and you know if you’re constantly in their face with stuff than they’re going to be like woooo [laughs] you know they don’t like the car; nobody like the car salesman techniques anymore guys, you know if you’re doing that just stop it, stop it, stop it [Laughs]    

Keith: And so with a blog I’ll just mention a couple of variations on a blog there’s one which is called a Vlog a video blog and I’ve even heard a Phlog which is you know really quite funny a photo blog, so if you know that you don’t like writing, don’t worry there are plenty of other ways to do it. In a way this blab format is a little bit like blogging, it’s a video blog, we’re talking about what we know, and we’re just happening to put it in the video format rather than typing it out. So there’s a Vlog, a Phlog and probably what we are now calling a Blob [laughs] a blob a blog about Blab.

Wendy: Yes

Keith: So there are many formats but the basic idea comes under the heading of what’s called content marketing. People love to be able to read about it in their own time and then when they ring you they go, you know what I’ve read about you, you’re good can you come over, I need to talk to you about my air conditioner ?or I’ve heard you’re a very good person for fixing cars, can you fix my car? or you know it’s a very good trust building mechanism.

Wendy: Right because especially with video Keith because people get to see you, you know they get to see who you are, what you’re about? You know what type of information that you’re providing and you know with the video and the you know the actual content, written content and podcasting, now that’s available to everybody, what a lot of people are doing is what they call content stacking on their blogs so that’s where they have a video and they have written content and they have the podcast, so they’ve got all three pieces of information, so your customer actually can consume that in any way that they choose and they are comfortable with, because some people don’t like to read, some people don’t want to sit there and watch a video, they’re on the go, they’d rather listen to the podcast, so if you’ve provided all three ways for people to consume your information, then you’re going to more than likely get people to know, like and trust you quicker and increase your sales.   

Keith: You know the idea of a word only blog is pretty dead now

Wendy: Yes

Keith: Word only blogs are pretty dead now, because you’ve got to at least have a compelling image, you know 40% of people say look I’d rather watch a video to be honest, if you can put that exact same concept in a two minute video I will watch it, and about 20% of the people will say look I don’t have time for that but I do walk the dog every night and I’m stuck on the train for an hour, and I’ve got a flight to New York tomorrow, and I could be doing something on the plane. The idea of reading a word only blog is really quite archaic now. I personally don’t read blogs I like to listen to podcasts or watch short videos, that’s how I learn and that’s increasingly becoming the case, but you know the 3rd one I wanted to chat about before we wrap it up and invite some people in to the chat room and thank you so much for waiting. It’s the idea of a free teaser or what’s recently been called a lead magnet and this is really important because when you’ve got people coming to your site and they go actually this guy is really good, I really like what he’s talking about. One way to really build that trust is to say look if you’re really thinking of working with me here’s a little freebie offer that I do, I’ve got a freebie personally I’ve got a free e-book, completely free no strings attached, if you basically just give me your email, which I guess is a payment of kind and I send you the e-book. But what you get for free is a chance to find out whether I really do know what I’m talking about and you have something physical from me that hasn’t cost you any money so it’s very low risk. So this is called a lead magnet and the reason why it is called that is because there’s an exchange. I’m giving you my free e-book and you’re giving me an email and then maybe I might email you occasionally to say “look I’ve got an event coming up, would you like to come?”, or “that book’s now turned into a real book would you like to buy it?”, or just ringing to say or emailing to say hello, if you need anything? I personally don’t do that as often as I could, but you know this is an interesting idea, do you have any stories about the free teaser idea, have you seen that in operation? 

Wendy:  O yes I use these in my marketing quite frequently. Basically guys if you’re not doing email marketing, you’re cutting yourself for sales to become a concern, you know you need to have a sales and landing page provider, you need to have an auto responder and then you need to have that lead magnet. And then you’re going to have your lead magnet on your social media, you’re getting those email opt in’s and then you’re going to use your auto responder to email out your offer that you’ve created on your sales pages. So you know it’s kind of a little vicious circle of things that you have to have to be able to do it properly but if you are doing it, this is where you can take your business to another level. You know people talk a lot about email marketing’s dead da, da, da but I have to tell you that I know for a fact that the leaders in the industry, they’re still using it and they would not still be using it if there weren’t a reason for it. Now that’s where a lot of their sales come from. It’s about putting out these lead magnets, getting you to opt in for it and then turn around and email marketing back out something that they’re selling or an event like Keith says, something that they’re going to promote or are putting on, you know that’s how they do it, and that’s how we all should be doing it. 

Keith: I really like this format; I really like what we’ve come up with here ‘Tweet with the end in mind’ which is absolute homage to Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of highly effective people, which is one of my favourite books of all time. You know this idea of you must; before you get onto Twitter or any social media site, have a plan, just make sure that you’ve got an idea of where you’re sending people and why you’re sending them there. It’s not just doing something for the sake of it, you’re actually; you’ve got a plan, so we’ve got a very good frequent plan here now. Have a home base a robust website and if you want to see that in operation visit and , you’ve got to have a blog, maybe blog once a week, once every day if you can, but once a week’s a nice ratio. And then have a lead magnet, a free teaser, it could be an e-book or it could be a checklist or it could be a podcast and I apologise if you already know this stuff but a lot of people in-spite of the fact that they know it are still not doing it. Are they?

Wendy: Actually there should be a 4th thing Keith. Take your knowledge and put it into action.

Keith: [Laughs]

Wendy: That is the most important thing. Even if you don’t know how to do all of this as yet, take what you do know and put it into action. That’s where 90% of the entrepreneurs get stuck, they have all the stuff and they’re doing things and its busy work and they think they’re getting somewhere when they’re really not, because they’re not breaking down whether or not this action is actually a money making action. That’s my fourth thing. [Laughs]

Keith: We can talk in subsequent episodes about things like Google analytics and making sure if you’ve got a blog, is anyone reading it? And if they’re not reading it then what are you doing wrong and if they are reading it then what are you doing right? Do it again. Rinse and repeat. So we’ve hit the 20 minute mark, that’s probably about enough for the recording section, what we might do now is stop the recording and then come back with the after show party where we invite some of the people that have been in the show patiently waiting, into the hot seat so that they can share their knowledge I know a good guy from Porto Rico is in the call and also [Unintelligible19:06] is waiting patiently to come in so why don’t we invite some people on?

Wendy: Okay and actually Keith before we end the recording let everybody know how to reach you?

Keith: Okay so free e-book and all of the things we talked about today and I’m @keithkeller on Twitter, so everything I do is there and there is a free e-book and a blog with all sorts of cool goodies, so that you can build the trust factor, and Wendy how do people do the same for you?

Wendy: Okay and actually my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery you can reach me on Facebook @Cash life mastery, that is my platform of choice [Laughs] but you can also reach me on Twitter Cash life mastery and our website and if you need any help with your business marketing, social media, please we’re here to help you. Ask your questions and that is what we’re here to help you get along your way and into the path to success. So guys thank you for joining cash life mastery social juice and we will see you again next Monday 7:00 P.M Eastern, 4:00 P.M Pacific and if you’re in the middle I don’t know you’ll have to figure it out. [Laughs]   

Keith: 11:00 A.M Melbourne time.



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