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In this “BLAB” Wendy Fore interviews Keith Keller about Twitter Polls and how you can dramatically increase your engagement with a few simple techniques.


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Wendy: Hi everybody my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery where we’re helping entrepreneurs find their way into profit by bootstrapping their business and today you’re on Cash Life Mastery Social Juice where we’re going to be talking about Twitter Polls and Twitter cards, do they work? And my illustrious co-host Mr Keith Keller the Aussie man himself is in the house to help us talk about Twitter today. So Keith Tell everybody how they can reach you?

Keith: We’re doing this series of blabs every Monday night at 7:00pm there is a little bit of a teaser of how Twitter works if you want to know more about that you can follow me @keithkeller or and don’t forget the au because I’m in Australia and I’ve got a completely free e-book and I’d really like you to go and download that because it is completely free and it’s a bit of a sort of a summation of what we talk around here, if you want to do that in your own time, but these blabs are all a bit of fun and a little bit  interactive, we talk for about 15 to 20 minutes and then we do the after show party. 

Wendy: So let’s get started. I think basically what I want to talk about first is Twitter Polls, I know that a lot of people are using them on Twitter and what I find is that they are using them probably in ways that aren’t necessarily beneficial to their business, because there are really two types of ways to use Twitter Polls and Keith can kind of add to this if he uses them any other way, you know there is using Twitter Poll to collect information for your business and for what you are doing, you know you want to get client information, but then there is also collecting information that are pain points of your customers and what I like to do is try to use them for collecting information for your customers and I do this on other social platforms too, they don’t necessarily have to have polls but you can ask the right types of  questions and get I think a lot better response, because people are going to respond to things that are solving a problem or an issue for them. I like to do things like ask you know what is your biggest challenge in creating your new business online? And then you know in a Poll it might be you know

  1. Is it Money?
  2. Is it Time

You know that’s just for an example versus saying you know what type of equipment do you use to do your business? That would be collecting information for you the pain point part would be collecting information that causes you client struggles. So Keith how are you using Twitter Polls?

Keith: What you’ve said there is just brilliant the pain point idea and I’ve just tweeted that out. The pain point idea is actually one of the fundamental strategies of online marketing, but what I love about Twitter Polls, what I love about Twitter Polls and I’ll show you exactly how I’ve used them because I’ve done six this week as an experiment. So I said okay I’m going to create some more content for you what would you prefer? Would you prefer that I make videos? Would you prefer that I make podcasts? Would you prefer that I Blog? And would you prefer a transcript? Because remember in Twitter polls and because just in case you don’t know how they work you can have up to f our questions and it can be up to seven days , which means you can start on a Friday and have your weekends off and come back on Monday and still keep working. Here’s exactly how I use them

Do you want to use video?

Do you want to use podcasts?

Do you want a blog?

Or do you want me to get the transcript of my interview?

Because you know that’s going to cost me some money but I don’t mind doing it if people get value and it’s a matter of where to spend money and where to spend your money and where to spend your time. After about two days podcast started to surge ahead so what I did was I did subsequent polls which said okay if you’re really into podcasts would you prefer that I put them on Sound Cloud, iTunes, Sticher, or something else? iTunes was the very, very, very clear winner.  Very clear 40% of the people said look if I’m going to listen to a podcast iTunes. About 34% said they want to listen to it on Sound Cloud. No one mentioned Sticher in-spite of the fact that people are pumping it up and other people said you know what I’ll just listen to it on my media player or something else at home. But iTunes was the far and clear win and why that’s interesting to me is if we’re going to move forward with a paid podcast strategy then we need to factor iTunes into that because that is what people are telling me.

Wendy:  Twitter Polls are basically a way to form a business strategy so if you have these kind of questions and you need to know where to spend your money, or you need to know where to spend your time? Twitter polls are a good way to help you get your clients to answer those questions that will benefit your business.

Keith: Yeah and what I did I drilled down. I actually don’t want you to do one poll I want you to do several of them, because they run for a week, you can do several over the course of a month. So what I started today was okay you’ve told me you love podcasts. If you do, how often do you listen to them? All the time, sometimes, never and I have this really cute question what is a podcast? Because that is actually the most common question that I get. So about 46% of people said mate I actually listen to them all the time if you’re going to do a podcast I’m going to listen to it, so now I’m getting intel to say actually this is worth my time, I’m busy, we’re all busy, I work 10 hours a day but I’m not Superman, I can’t make video’s and blogs and transcripts and podcasts all in the same day. So about 40% of people you know round about are saying look if you’ve got a podcast look I will listen to that and if you are going to do a podcast I would prefer it if it were on iTunes, so now my intel is starting to become really strong around the idea that if I’m going to do podcasts I’m going to them on iTunes and Sound Cloud , I can probably leave Sticher alone, because no one is using it. The other thing that was fascinating, fascinating, because you run if for a week after about 4 days video went on a bit of a streak you know it’s leaping ahead, 58% now people are saying look I know that earlier on a couple of people said podcasts but that’s not what I like I love video’s. I love them, I love them. If you can do some videos I’d watch them. Okay now that’s fine, now that you said you love video’s what type of video’s? So I did this Twitter Poll, separate Twitter poll do you want How to videos? Do you want live streaming video’s? and then my cutesy question I don’t like video’s? huge percentage of people are saying I want how to do video’s I want little cutesy video’s that tell me how to do things, this is incredibly valuable information and then what I did was separate to that I said okay live streaming video’s are starting to play a really major role are you getting that? Are you doing that? And if you’re doing it which ones do you love? That 58% of people are saying mate blab, I’m thumping it on blab I love it.

Wendy: I have a question for you, I think this will be really good for your next Twitter Poll, how many people consider like Periscope, Blab, You Tube live streaming as a podcast because you literally can log on and even though there is no video involved you can just kind of set your phone around and listen to that, you don’t necessarily have to watch it?

Keith: That’s a good poll and that’s exactly what I’m talking about, as your intel develops and it gets deeper you actually start and here’s one I want to share this is really, really funny. Only about 22% of people said that they read blogs which is really important because they are hard to do and you’ve got to write them and if you love writing well then that’s easy and if you don’t then it’s a torture you know I’d rather mow the lawn or do my tax. You know and so if people are reading blog posts fine I’ll do them for them but if they’re not then it’s a waste of time isn’t it it’s just a waste of time. So I asked the question

  1. do you read blogs?
  2. how often do you read them?

And the way I phrased them, remember you’ve got 4 questions

I read them all the time, never, sometimes, and then I write what is a blog? You’re almost being fictitious. With 34%, 34% of people ask the question, answer the question what is a blog? 

Wendy: I wonder how many of those people were being funny and how many actually didn’t know? Would you find it beneficial to run these same polls maybe several times a month and then calculate the information cumatively just to see?

Keith: I think you would, I think if you know how to develop a strategy around Twitter polls I mean they are a little bit but the important thing to remember here is that the very important premise and we start with Twitter Polls because it’s part of the twitter ads department

Wendy: right

Keith: You can actually boost your polls for a fee right? So Twitter is now starting to advertise or introducing this idea, but Twitter Polls are at this stage free. Really free at this stage and you can boost them later, but they are time consuming, they last a week and you can have four questions. So as you develop a very mature Twitter poll strategy you are right, you probably want to ask the questions in multiple different ways over multiple time periods, so that you can get a very, very robust understanding, that if you are going to do live streaming blab is thumping it at 58%, surprisingly very, very few people mention that they are using Facebook live, very few, it’s new and you can’t use it on Android and it’s not available in Australia and you know it’s very, very frustrating, but only 28% I think said Periscope was I think working for them and I thought that was a surprise, but so you’d probably want to run a series of polls around that.

Wendy: Right

Keith: This is a completely different view to what you’ve said; you’ve asked a question, what are you struggling with? Do you need help with your internet marketing? Do you need help with video marketing? That helps you devise a product around that. I’m doing it in the back way, the other way.

Wendy: Right you’re strategically using the polls to help answer questions for your business model where I would strategically use the questions to help my clients solve a problem, because if I know what my clients problem is then I know how to address them and I can have them come to me for that help, so it’s kind of the same thing, you’re still doing it to use it to build your business, but it’s just a different model of how to use it and they’re both wonderful, you should actually be doing both.

Keith: And just in case you want to have a go and you’ve never done it before, it’s so simple, when you go into your Twitter account, imagine you go up to the top right hand corner and you push Tweet and you come up with a box that says now fill in the tweet what do you want to say? So you just ask a question, do you love videos? If so which ones? Just immediately below the box there is a little pie graph and you click on the pie graph and that’s your Twitter poll. Right, it’s just so easy and then you get two default choices and you click more to get four and you click, one day is the default, but you can click to get seven. It takes about a minute.

Wendy: Well I think basically for me Twitter polls are going to be like a really pivotal way to like you say find out the strategic answers, how I need to run my business? But then also get the pain points from my clients? so I think you’re doing both throughout the month and you want to make sure that you want to run he questions several times maybe for the course of a quarter before you make a decision you know because you might get one weeks answers one way, the next weeks answers the other way and you really need to get a good amount of questions answered to get a good number to make a decision before you make changes in your business. But I think that they are awesome, especially if you know they are free, I mean it’s another free tool that we can use to help us really make good money decisions.    

Keith: Yeah it’s an incredibly useful tool and as I said this is really, really interesting..


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