5 Cool Apps To Help Organise Your “Social” Life

A guest post from the team at Modernize 

Using social media is a crucial aspect of growing your platform as a business owner or entrepreneur within a creative field. If you aren’t using social media to your advantage, you are missing out on a key way to market yourself to a virtually unlimited audience. But when you are a busy entrepreneur, keeping up with social media is no easy task. It takes a lot of organization to develop an engaged and growing social media following.

A cluttered digital life can really get in the way of success. With the right apps, you can organize your life online and free yourself up to pursue further growth of your career. Here are a some favourites and a few you may not have heard of:



This social media management system can be downloaded to any Android or Apple device, allowing you to pre-schedule tweets, status updates, and more from one combined platform. HootSuite is your one-stop social media management application, allowing you to integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more. 



This digital workspace serves as a highly organized electronic brain dump. The Evernote app can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices and allows you to put a pin in virtually any idea or media. Have a great idea for tweet, but need time to flesh it out a little further? Create an Evernote doc solely devoted to jotting down great ideas for social media updates. Find a photo which will perfectly capture an idea you want to communicate online? Store that in Evernote, too. Stumble on an intriguing headline, but have no time to read? Clip interesting and memorable articles on Evernote to read or share later.



Engaging with your social media following in meaningful and relevant ways can only be accomplished if you stay up-to-date on everything going on in the online world. This app allows you to follow trending topics, breaking news, and more in one space. Hshtags can be downloaded on any apple or android devices and supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and Flickr.

Track My Life


Social media is an important part of developing a large and diverse platform. But, if we’re not careful, it can quickly become a black hole, eating up our time and distracting us from other important tasks. Track My Life provides accountability for busy people, tracking how they spend each minute of their day. This app can be downloaded on Android or Apple and can be used to track how much time you spend online, working, and more.



It seems too simplistic to call Wunderlist a digital to-do list, because it is really so much more. Create individual list for anything you are planning or need to get done. Set deadlines and reminders, or share a list with a coworker or spouse to simplify communication on a project. Wunderlist can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device.

Using these five apps, you can create a routine, simplifying your life by organizing your time online. With a strategic approach to social media, you can increase your success as you build your platform and pursue growth in your work and passions.


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