A love letter from Graciela Moore.  







One might think that the word “wisdom” implies a milestone that requires years of personal experiences ranging from trauma to tragedy, failure, bankruptcy, homelessness, or a plethora of other complicated scenarios that may change our lives forever.

That may have been the case in the past but now we have an app for that.

In the fall of 2021, a new Social Audio app was released to the world. 




Wisdom’s design has the community in mind with a solid intention of democratizing access to mentorship and having conversations that truly matter.


What does that really mean?


It means anyone 18+ with an iPhone or Android device can download the Wisdom App and have instant access to thousands of the finest, vetted mentors in all areas.

The range of topics is enormous, finance, entrepreneurship, parenting, coaching, psychology, spirituality, and Web3. 

…… and the list goes on.

Its user-friendly design is so brilliant and the conversations are so good.

On March 09, 2022, Apple Store named Wisdom the “App of the Day,” saying:

“Logging into Wisdom is like showing up at a party powered by conversations between thought leaders and big thinkers.”


But that’s not all!!


As a mentor or top mentor on the app, you also monetize your time sharing in these deep conversations with their nuanced tokens called “mentor coins.

You can redeem these for Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, or Target gift cards.

Alternately, you can also choose to donate them to a charity.

As one of the few Beta Testers who got to experience the app before the launch and in celebration of its 1-year-anniversary on October 07, 2022;

I’d love to break down not just the app, but the experience of being a part of this epic community of (as Apple Store called it) thought leaders and big thinkers.


What makes Wisdom one of the best social audio apps available for podcasters and thought-leaders?


The emphasis has always been the live, one-on-one interaction.

Add to this a code of conduct that promotes respect and solidarity as well as High Fidelity, podcast quality sound, and you have the perfect playground for anyone to practice the arts of holding space, public speaking, interviewing or being interviewed, and asking quality questions.

As a bonus, you can download every “talk” you host into an mp4 file that you can repurpose on any social media and social audio platforms and podcasts.


Did you know that the founder is a woman entrepreneur from Nigeria? 



Dayo Akinrinade worked tirelessly to bring us a state-of-the-art platform that promotes healing and self-growth.

To her surprise, the family that would evolve as users worldwide come together daily to share deep conversations about their trials and what they have in common, as opposed to highlighting the differences, was the icing on the cake.

With Wisdom App, she has raised $2M from several angel investors and First Round Capital, a significant milestone for women entrepreneurs everywhere since women in tech, particularly minority women founders, only receive 0.002% of venture capital backing.

The fact that some of this funding goes back to the mentors providing quality content and over 7.4M listening minutes in the first year is quite exhilarating.

Earlier in 2022, she was selected to participate in Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp, a proud moment for us all.

Her friendly approach has been a fascination for us all.

She will randomly pop up as your guest if she is curious about your topic and ask questions, just like any other guest on the platform.

One of my favorite things is to listen to brand-new “Wisdomers” casually ask her,

“So, tell us about you; where are you from?

Why are you on Wisdom?”

Dayo will, ever so humbly, reply, “well, I’m from Nigeria, based in London, and I’m the founder of this app!”

People’s tone of voice changes and the excitement in the room is palpable.


What other app do you use where you get to have a chat with its founder casually?


As I mentioned before, Wisdom App, named “Best Android App of 2022” by Tech Radar; and recommended as a “Listen Now” or “Take a Mental Break” app, is where you go to collect mentor coins.

A game-changer in the Social Audio arena, mentor coins make Wisdom App the gift that keeps on giving.

On this app, you not only learn but also heal and build community live by interacting with guests and listeners in real-time.

You also monetize your time based on a variety of statistics provided by the app at the end of each “talk.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dayo as a preamble to this article, and she was very excited to share the latest features available.

Now you can search for a username (i.e., SoMCoaching) on the Discovery tab and find your friends easily, whether live or not.

The most exciting feature released in August 2022: is Ask Me Anything (Anonymously), which allows people from outside the app to send you a question using a unique link.

This link, then, opens a browser where anyone can ask or say anything, up to 140 characters (respectfully), and send it anonymously (or not).

When you answer, they get an AUDIO response of up to 60 seconds.

This answer is then stored on your profile for anyone to tune in.

An all-time favorite personal favorite is the guest timer!

In your settings, before starting your live talk, you can decide how long your guest will have to share the topic.

Options available are between 1 & 30 minutes and also 1 hour.

This has been fascinating to experiment with because it allows the host to practice different lines of questioning and interview scenarios.

At the same time, it allows the guest to practice the art of being precise and concise, both important tools in the art of public speaking.

Do you feel like giving it a try in real-time?

Here’s my link - Ask Me Anything.






If you already have a Wisdom profile, this feature is perfect for introducing yourself to the community while at the same time marketing your account since your question will appear in someone else’s profile when you ask them a question.

When presented with other Social Audio options, like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, or podcasts in general, the consensus from Wisdom mentors is that the family is too unique, the intimacy too valuable, and the healing too natural to ignore compared to other apps.

If you want to get a feel for the Wisdom experience live, raw and uncut, the way it would be in real-time; check out my interview with Dayo Akinrinade, where we shared some of the collective excitement for the 1-year-anniversary celebrated on October 7, 2022. 

Just click on the link below, and the desktop browser will open, click PLAY and enjoy!!




Want to give it a try?

Download the Wisdom App today and help us change the world for the better, one talk at a time.








Graciela is an ICF Transcendental Hope Coach and content creator since 2010 on Instagram and other platforms.

She was selected as a Top Mentor for the beta group before launch on 10/07/21 because of her extensive background in sales and marketing since 2010.

A background of 10+ years in the Hospitality Industry, holding a Real Estate License in FL and a life portfolio in the entertainment/music industry since childhood.

She is from Puerto Rico and fully bilingual and resides in Florida with her husband and family.