A Simple 4 Step Guide By Kristen Kivo (#TheKivoEffect)





It took me a while to be conceived to open a twitter account but because I wanted to share and spread the love through my music, twitter was a fantastic opportunity to do so.

I was familiar with Facebook so I understood how to connect with people and there are some similarities between both social media avenues.

At this point I have only been on twitter for one month and a half and have over 7,000 followers and am on track to reach 10,000 before the two-month mark ends.

I want to share what I have learned that has helped me grow rapidly.





Timing of tweets will have something to do with the reach of your audience.

We can’t all be on twitter 24/7 so there are times of the days when there are more people on than others depending on where most of your followers are from.

Mornings are a fantastic time to make a few posts.

The truth is most of us check our phones in the morning before even getting out of bed.

This makes a wonderful opportunity to engage first thing in the morning with all the other “in bed users”.

Other times that work include lunch breaks, after school and work times, evenings and make sure you make a post just before you go to bed because depending on where your followers are, bed time for you in morning somewhere else.

I often gain 50-100 followers while I sleep.

It’s not enough to make a post, if somebody replies, please engage with them.

They took the time to reach out and who does not like to feel like they are worth some time and effort?

Helping others feel validated creates more loyal followers and who knows

… maybe even a real friendship?

Engaging leads to retweeting which is what you want!!

Everyone has a passion that they wish to share, you must be also willing to retweet others and their passions.

You work together in a symbiotic relationship and promote and grow each other.

If you’re not willing to share others, it will be a slow growth if there is a growth at all.




Hashtags are useful and an easy way to find a subject or idea.

For an example the hashtag #music can lead to bring so many who share the love of music, selling music, promoting music etc.

You can even create your own hashtag that can be used and people know how to connect to you.

#TheKiVoEffect has been used in many of my videos, posts, and other music I share.

This makes an easy way for others to find me.





If somebody takes the time to follow you, its not difficult to follow back, it’s a simple click of a button.

If you want followers it is safe to assume that others want the same.

Don’t be afraid to be the first follower.

I often follow several new people daily with similar interests.

Many of them follow back.

Those who don’t follow back either are not interested in what I’m doing or it’s possible they are not that active.

After some time it is ok to unfollow and inactive account, after all we want to engage and be engaged right?




Remember to stay positive, I know we are not perfect and we do have our moods, stay away from twitter if you’re in a bad mood and let is pass.

I have tested the waters on purpose to see what people respond to the most

… turns out people like feeling good.

It’s important to remember at the end of the day, people may never remember what you said or what you posted but they do remember how we made them feel and they link those feelings to us.

So lets make sure we make them feel good.

Kindness goes a long way and it just may be what they need.

Karma can be an awful thing to deal with when giving the wrong vibes but Karma can also be your best friend if you are giving and sharing the love.




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