A Guest Blog Post By Linda Allen 




So you have some big events coming up in 2018?

Here are some great ideas that are easy to implement and should make your next event a sensational success.

Let me know what you think and if these ideas were helpful for your event marketing.


Be Part Of The Social Media Action!!


With 2.3 billion people around the world now owning a smartphone, it makes good sense to try to capitalize on this.

In addition, attendees who are unable to attend in person can take part via their favorite Social Media sites remotely.

Social Media Marketing is an extraordinarily engaging way to involve your audience directly.


Here’s An Example


I have a prospect for an amazing event. 

Her company is supplying artwork for a new hotel in Saudi Arabia.  

This will be a contest for Saudi National artisans. 

Database development is required for vetting each artist’s submission.

This is an amazing example of social media marketing at its best. 

A specific geo-location, receiving the artwork for each social media platform graphics. 

The worldwide audience will participate as judges: the audience chooses winners!

Graphics ready, an audience ready, the exposure of artwork, the PR, the empowerment and connections grow!!  

Each social media platform will generate huge excitement and pride.

The Finale - The grand opening of the hotel displaying the winning artisans and their art. 

More social media options. 

Not to mention the replay of these events - the memories.  

This will be the most talked about event in the Middle East!!

Sharing of artwork and each artist easily go viral for brand exposure. 

The customer has introduced humanity through artwork and vast new opportunities.

My nature is to value politeness, show gratitude and be encouraging. 

With the speed of social media, good manners should not stop. 

A businessperson who is heart centered will always win in the end.


“Successful people are always looking for ways to help people; unsuccessful people are always looking for what’s in it for me.”

Brian Tracy


Gratitude is an excellent component to building a strong foundation from which to grow any business.

When you dial into your own gratitude channel and really recognize how it feels for you.

Then you will also tune into the joy of what you are here to do. 

There will be no other choice for your other than to follow where you can get more of that feeling and you will soon be so grateful to discover that it is found in serving others or mutual benefits.

You will be grateful for each opportunity for thinking bigger, be more creative, and serve more people—success that is much more satisfying.

You can show gratitude in different ways:


A direct thank you

Commenting on a post

Referrals or Introductions

Sending a branded gift



Send a “real” card through the post office


So many ways of showing gratitude seems rare these days.  

Stand out by showing appreciation and gratitude.


Be Your Own Legend


Many of us are annoyed with auto responses – so inhuman, not sincere.

Getting other brands involved, by mention or tagging, and knowing who your target audience.

Harnessing the power of social media will explode brand awareness with viral marketing campaigns. 

Going into 2018, there are over 3.5 billion people on social media. 

Pinpointing your audience is essential; otherwise, your brand will be lost.

Virality has an epidemic curve: if two people directly related to the brand share a piece of content, if that number doubles 30 times, it means that over a billion people will have shared the content.

Viral marketing is powerful, the following are some of the ways today’s top brands practice viral marketing:


(1) Know Your Target Audience


Create personas, be specific:  age, interests, business, gender if appropriate, demographics, how they buy, which social media platforms are they using, all information to finite your special audience.  

Create content that will resonate with your audience so they will share easily, convincingly, eagerly – viral.


(2) Be Selective With Social


Be precise or choosy about which social media platforms are required for your target audience.

In addition, create content specific to each: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook are usually the best platforms as a starting point for a viral marketing campaign. 

Keep in mind each platform also requires different content. 

For example, creating content for Instagram requires a compelling caption or image that can spark viral sharing. 

LinkedIn, on the other hand, requires content created from Pulse or LinkedIn update.


(3) Create Content To Promote Engagement


Create content with expectations for engaging participants at your event

Focus on creating that is highly sharable.

(4) Timing


The perfect time for sharing content will depend on the audience personas created and which social media platforms.

Releasing content at the right time will positively affect the performance or engagement process.


(5) Stimulate Visibility With Ads


Create ads that target influencers, these influencers will re-share each ad and will broadcast to a wider audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner not to mention boosting visibility.


(6) Collaborate With Influencers


Social Media influencers have the ability to provide brands with improved reach and fuel a viral marketing campaign.

95% of marketers believe this strategy is powerful.


(7) Metrics & Analytics


In today’s digital marketing environment, marketers need social media and reliable analytics for measuring performance at the same time the guide for viral strategy, what is working and what is not.


(8) Include Calls To Action 


Generating clear and specific actions will encourage your audience for liking, re-sharing or what-to-do next in other words guide them to take specific actions for success.


(9) Don’t Forget The Media


Collaborating with appropriate news media will amplify your content.

A good press release is required prior.

When brands are doing something newsworthy or remarkable, they will broadcast to thousands of their subscribers.

In conclusion, I recommend having fun and being as unique as possible. 

Set your brand apart from the normal. 

Bring other people into your brand “party” and see how fast your brand will go viral.

… by just being a little different and engaging.



Vice President, Digitize FZC: Digital Marketing Consultants
Striving to make ordinary companies extraordinary.



Growing up in a multi cultural home has provided Linda with a solid foundation and desire to help people realise their strengths for empowerment. 

Linda has a built in mandate to do everything within her power to ensure goals and strategies are completed. 

This discipline provided her with the tenacity for exercise, curiosity, and living every moment as if it was her last.   

Linda approaches each new customer with the human approach and is widely known for her extremely good manners.


Her power words are: Collaborate, Strategise, Align, Implement