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Katrina Manning


There was a time when live-streaming video wasn’t truly feasible since it did not have mainstream technological support.

That is not the case today.

Consumer devices and connectivity have continued to improve.

As a result, live-streaming is more popular than ever.

The quantum leap really took place in 2015 and continues at a frantic pace.

As 2016 draws to a close there are 4 major players in the live streaming space


(1) Periscope

(Soon to be replaced by Twitter Live)

(2) Facebook Live 

(The clear favourite but for how long?)

(3) Instagram Live

(The new kid on the block)

(4) YouTube Live

(Sometimes referred to as YouTube Connect) 


There are of course many others specialising in niche markets but these 4 represent the mainstream, especially as live streaming relates to marketing for the business community.

Here are some Twitter Polls about the 4 main choices and how people see them evolving over time.


The new Twitter Live allows you to embed streams into your blog posts.

This is a great way to extend the reach of your videos and get extra views as replays

More videos and information here #GoLiveWithTwitter



Live video is enjoyed by many because it allows viewers to take part in an event as if they were there.

This is true whether it is a high-profile, celebrity concert or someone showing off their home on Facebook live.

Plus, it feels like breaking news. It can take you from a live campaign feed to backstage at some of the biggest reward shows.

Who needs to travel when you can be transported somewhere else through live video?


The Numbers


In 2015, YouTube generated over $9B in revenue.

It also had over 4 billion daily views and over 1 billion users world wide.

Then, there is Facebook. The social media giant reported eight billion video views per day from 500 million users.

As new platforms and tools are being introduced into the marketplace, for live streaming video, you can expect these types of numbers to go up.

According to a survey from Brandlive, 20 percent of companies polled planned to include live streaming in the next 12 months.


Video Influencers & Creators Are Moving Beyond YouTube


Consider top YouTube video personality and gamer PewDiePie.

He is partnering with Disney to create his own TV network.

In addition, Netflix has signed YouTube sensation Miranda Sings for a new series called “Haters Back off.”

For the past decade, YouTube has been the outlet for finding the next music, Hollywood and social media stars.

…… but audiences are getting younger and more mobile.

The Next Frontier


YouTube is getting ready to launch YouTube Connect, a livestreaming app. Facebook also has its own livestreaming service. Among younger Millennials and Centennialls, apps such as YouNow and are gaining in popularity.

In fact, 15-year-old Zach Clayton is the most popular lifecaster on YouNow with over 730,000 subscribers.

They all wait for him to go live. YouNow focuses mainly on live video and audience engagement–so, it has a virtual reality aspect to it. With, you can share Snapchat-like Stories that can last up to 36 hours.

On YouNow, viewers can by and leave YouNow bars to their favourite broadcasters. Currently, the top earners make around $50,000 a year.

Online Video Ads Booming


Advertising is attaching itself to online videos to ensure increase engagement.

In 2015, online ad revenue for videos was around $7.7 billion. That is expected to go up 30 percent in 2017.

An increasing number of smartphone users and faster bandwidth are making it possible for more viewers to watch livestreaming videos.

There is also an increase in user engagement, which means that people are watching videos for longer sessions.

This only helps to propel mid-stream or mid-roll video advertising.


Mobile Viewing Setting Trends


You can take your mobile device with you anywhere.

Many people are forgoing Internet connections and using their smartphone or tablet as their main Internet connections.

Between 2013 and 2014, Internet traffic went up between 40 and 60 percent. Towards the end of 2016, that number should go up to 70 percent.

As a result, mobile ad spending may go up as much as 40 percent.


Social Media


Livestreaming technology is hitting social media like a tornado.

Social media platforms are starting to offer better deployment of video protocols, faster Internet speeds and better compression.

This is why more livestreaming feeds will continue to take place on social media.

Moreover, your business needs to focus on livestreaming for social media.

It is important to get in now before it becomes flooded with competition.

Give your following something to anticipate.

It can be anything from a weekly to daily series, depending on your time and resources.

For example, a cosmetics company might air a weekly makeup tips series.

A home improvement center might air a weekly home improvement tip series.

This takes planning, foresight and equipment.

Even a small business can start with a good smartphone and move up to a better camera with more subscribers. If you need a space, you can always rent out a virtual office.

Have you started livestreaming yet?

It doesn’t take much to get started.

Start with the lighting as people won’t watch a video they can’t see.

Samsung and iPhone both produce phones with good-quality cameras you can use initially.

After that, you can move towards more professional equipment.

Practice before actually filming. Talk into a mirror, then record yourself and practice speaking to the camera.

Also, it is important to have a good microphone.

So, are you ready to start live streaming?

Meet Katrina Manning


Katrina Manning


Katrina Manning is a native, English-speaking technical and web writer/editor with over eight years’ experience penning content for a wide variety of sites and publications.

She has written thousands of business articles under her name and as a ghostwriter.

Furthermore, Katrina has authored and published two books, “Marmalade’s Exciting Tail” and “Lupus Obscurus” both available on

Currently, she’s a contributing writer for eFax, an online fax service company to help them reach new audiences.











Reach Your IDEAL Audience With Live Video 

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