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Nowadays, people often post personalized videos on social networking websites.

Some of the video editing apps are so easy that beginners can also use to create videos.

In this article, we will be discussing the video editing apps for IOS, Android, and Windows.

Also about their features and functions.


Video editing apps for IOS



iMovie is the most popular video editing app for IOS. 


The features are:

  • Animated Titles- There are a number of styles. It adds beautifully animated titles that give your movie a more cinematic.
  • Cinematic Filters- There are ten cinematic filters. You can make it black and white, vintage or western cool look. You can apply filters to every clip.
  • Sound Effects- There are built-in music and multiple sound effects to make the video look good.
  • Easy to share- After creating a video, you can share it with your fans. You can message or post the video on any social networking site.



iMovie is an easy way to make movies. Choose a video clip. Use the features of iMovie like, titles, effects, music, and timing to create a video. When you are done with the video, you can share it easily. It supports cinema quality films.




Videoshop is an easy video editing app to personalize videos. 


The features are:

  • Reverse & Slow motion- The app allows you to play the video in reverse mode. You can also adjust the speed of the video to slow or fast motion.
  • Effect & Transition- The app has six types of transition filters. Also, you can create your video clip using effects.
  • High Resolution- The app supports high-resolution videos up to 720p or 1080p.



Making a video from Videoshop is an easy job.

You can record clips directly from the app or import from the camera roll.

You can add text, merge multiple clips, add transitions, timers and audio clip.

Once you’re done with all of them, you can add filters and themes to finish it.

You can still make changes as many numbers of times you want.

Videoshop offers the ability to export to Dropbox, Photos, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.


Video editing apps for Android.




Creating slideshows through this IOS video editing app is easy.


The features are:

  • Trim/Crop- You can easily trim the clip. It can also adjust the clip’s aspect ratio.
  • Speed- You can control the speed motion of the video according to time lapses.
  • Voice over- You can add your voice in the clip as an audio track. You can also set music and audio clip at different levels.
  • Other features- They include using themes, text, titles, overlays, elements, filters and transitions.



It is an easy way to create slideshows. All you need to do is:

Add the media file and select a theme for your clip.

There you go, your movie is ready in a few minutes.

Now you can share it with your social media groups.


Viva Video


Viva Video is one of the best photo or video editing app.

With 400 million users, Viva Video is fast becoming the most popular app.


The Features are:

  • Professional Tools- Edit your videos by using merge, split, trim, reverse and speed control features.
  • Capture live moments- Viva Video captures live moments by recording your screen.
  • Other Features- They include using text, transition, music, filter, stickers, and themes.



Open Viva Video app and add the video clip you want to edit.

You can directly record a video from the app.

Add theme and audio to the video.

Add some transition and text to make your video beautiful.

Your movie is ready, and you can share it on any social networking site.


Video editing apps for Windows


Freemake Video Converter


It has an easy-to-use editing feature and can do some light video editing.

It can convert the file in a variety of formats.


The features include:

  • Convert to HD films- It can convert HD films without quality loss.
  • Burn DVD- It can burn footage to a single DVD. It can burn up to 40 hours of footage.
  • Crop and Rotate- You can crop a part of a video that you don’t want. You can also rotate a video.
  • Adding a subtitle- You can add the caption of any size or font in the clip.



Open Freemake Video Converter and collect photos you want to add to your slides.

You can add an audio track for your images.

After you are completed with your video clip, click the ‘OK’ button.

Save your video.

Choose MP4 option if you want to enjoy the video on your phone.




It is a full-featured video editing tool that you can use on Windows.

It has a number of menus, so it may be difficult for a beginner to use.


The features include:

  • Blending Modes- It allows the video image to mix colors. New beginners can choose from the filters that are like Instagram filters.
  • Masking- VSDC video editor allows users to create different shaped masks for highlighting, hiding or blurring the images or certain things in a video.
  • Export Videos- You can export your video to a wide variety of file formats. Also, you can share your video on social sites easily.



Open VSDC application on your computer.

Add your video footage.

You can use shapes and filters to make a simple video look like a film look.

Always use RGB mode to change a filter or use gradient.

To make it more creative you can use the features available in the app, they are, text, animation, subtitle, lines, shapes, etc.




Above we discussed the video editing apps and tools.

You can create a social video for your brand so that your audience can respond.

You can also create a video for your fans and increase your followers.


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