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Kassiani Cheirogergou


According to The Digital Marketing Institute, we live in the video decade and we are only at the beginning.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat have made it so easy for every single one of us to start watching and creating videos in the click of a button.

Technology has been responding to consumer’s needs for faster internet and better quality videos, making video content the number one marketing tool in a marketing strategy.


Why video marketing is the future of content marketing?


According to Cisco’s forecast report released in September 2017, the trend of video marketing is growing and it is a must in everyone’s marketing strategy.

The following stats are very impressive and demonstrate how the current use of video marketing is being forecasted and how it will be shaped by 2021.


Video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021.

By 2021 it would take an individual more than 5 million years to watch the number of videos that will cross global IP networks each month.

Every second, a million minutes of video content will cross the network by 2021.

Live video will account for 13% of Internet video traffic.

Internet video compared to TV grew 50% in 2016, and it will continue to grow by another 26% by 2021.


Based on the above forecast it is obvious that if you haven’t already started your video marketing journey then 2018 will have to be the year to make this happen.


The importance of video marketing in your marketing strategy


You have been bombarded with all the stats and forecast but you are not yet convinced why video is the right way forward for your business.

If you are thinking like this, you are only representing a small percentage as 81% of businesses use it as a marketing tool and 78% of businesses believe that video marketing is more likely to deliver ROI.

Based on the fact that the average person is watching more than 1.5 hours of online video content a day, it seems that your audience is right there waiting to watch your videos.

Don’t just include video marketing in your marketing strategy because the statistics say it is the future.

Do it because it will be able to boost your sales and make your brand known.


Video helps to build trust with your clients


Whatever your product or services are, using video to showcase them gives a form of immediacy to your viewers.

By creating the correct video content you can actually build trust which leads to loyalty.


Video can help with your SEO


Creating video content is another way to be found online.

Treat your videos as you would do with written content.

Ensure the correct use of tags and keywords, it will boost your SEO, help your Google search ranking and your website’s traffic will increase.


Video appeals to all users


Video is the only type of content that can attract every type of customer.

Nowadays your audience is suffering from content shock. 

In order to gain your customer’s attention, you have to be witty and creative and this is something that can be easily achieved through video.

Video has the power to attract even the laziest audience and pass on information.


Video makes it easy to communicate a message


Video infographics are the easiest way to explain how a product or service works.

With an older adult audience who are digital learners and are constantly adapting to the digital era, video infographics are a great way to explain a service or the utility of a product in an easier way.

These types of videos can be used for more specialized products designed for medical or technical use.


Example of infographic videos


Tips on how to create videos that will bring traffic or generate sales


Creating video content requires time and skills.

If you are working on a vlog, product demo or tutorial, you have to be comfortable on camera and know how to speak to your audience.

It also requires scripting and editing skills, that will help you plan your video.

Apart from the above skills that you can easily attain with practice, here are some tips that you must keep in mind to see your videos skyrocket.


Don’t be boring


First and foremost don’t be boring.

Your videos must be witty, clever and interesting.

Your videos do not have to be funny to be engaging but need to captivate your audience.

As Dharmesh Shah co founder of Hubspot says you can still keep your viewers interested if you are not boring even if your audience is B2B.


Be consistent


One of the most important tips for a successful video marketing strategy is consistency.

Choose what suits your business best and try to deliver as agreed.

This could be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly videos.

Whatever you decide on, keep your promise and create a habit for your viewers, as habits help in building loyalty and trust.

A way to let your viewers know how often you will create your videos is by mentioning it on your YouTube or Facebook cover.

Design Wizard is an online graphic design tool that allows users to create YouTube channel art and Facebook covers without the need for design expertise.

Simply log in and select the most suitable template available for your YouTube or Facebook banner.

Each template is easy to edit to suit any industry.


Be Creative


The very first tip is to not be boring, so try to create videos that are creative.

This can vary from the way the videos are directed, the way you share your story, the way you present a topic.

Do not limit yourself and practice until you get it right.

Keep your videos short


The average attention span of a person keeps dropping as the digital world is evolving.

We are always in a hurry and strive to know things as quickly as possible.

Keep this in mind and try to keep your videos short, to the point to ensure people watch them.

Video marketing needs to play a central role in your marketing strategy.

Video is here more than ever before and it is here to stay.




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Kassiani Cheirogergou


Kassiani Cheirogergou is a Social Media Specialist and Content Writer working with Design Wizard.

She has over 8 years of experience in Marketing Communications and Project Management working on online and offline marketing projects and is passionate about helping businesses to grow online.

Design Wizard is an online graphic design tool that enables users to create and share brilliant visual content within minutes in a fun and easy way.



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