Guest blog post by Angela Sargeant 



There’s something about video and social media that brings out a heated debate.

Which platform is best for video? For a long time, YouTube was the answer to everything.

But just when YouTube creators were getting restless with their decline in views, revenues and general visibility, Instagram released IGTV as their answer to video.

Since Instagram helps promote your IGTV videos to your current Instagram audience, it left people asking:


“Should We Jump Ship To IGTV?


Months later and YouTube is safe, while IGTV has been slow to really take off.

So was there ever a competition between YouTube and IGTV?

In my option, no. But for a different reason than you might think.

YouTube and IGTV are two very different video platforms.

Just like all social media platforms, part of your success will rely on you using them in a way that suits your audience there.

The problem many people have had on IGTV, is that they’ve treated it like it’s YouTube.

So let’s talk about the differences between YouTube and IGTV.

How they can actually work together, in order to create that positive impact you’re looking for.




As with anything to do with social media, it all starts with your audience.

The most powerful questions you can ask yourself before creating content are:


How can I effectively express my brand on this platform?


How can I attract my audience, and satisfy their needs?


To answer to that, you first want to figure out how your target audience interacts with, and uses each platform.

Do they hangout on Instagram or IGTV for entertainment, but use YouTube for finding specific content?

Or maybe they binge watch YouTube videos and only go to IGTV when their favourite Instagrammer uploads a video.

Knowing how your audience uses each platform, will give you the clarity you need to create appropriate content that’s going to give you the impact you’re looking for.

Now let’s take a look at the first thing most people bring up when they’re talking about audience and YouTube vs IGTV.

…. and that is search.




YouTube has long been known as the second largest search engine after Google.

Want to see a particular scene from a movie? Search on YouTube.

Want to get some advice from an expert?

Find their interviews and how-to videos on YouTube.

YouTube’s search engine, and playlist function makes it the perfect place for you to upload your whole catalogue of work to be found by the right people.

Whether it’s sharing your knowledge, talents, vlogging your work or day-to-day life, or any other content, YouTube is ideal for most videos.

With some strategic content planning, you can really keep your audience coming back for more.

With tactical descriptions and tagging, your videos have a chance of being found through search.


(2) IGTV


On IGTV though, there’s currently no such thing as searching for specific content.

You can search for a channel, if you know the name of it.

Or you can do a keyword search, but that keyword needs to be either in the User or Profile name of the channel to be found.

Which leaves IGTV in a weird place in many people’s minds due to the lack of search.

That doesn’t mean IGTV isn’t worth investing time in, if you have an audience on Instagram.

You just want to use it differently to YouTube.

It’s because of IGTV’s lack of search that it’s very suited to short, “snackable” videos.

It’s easy for people to watch a few videos in a row, or browse to see what new content has been uploaded.

The trick is to get straight into the content on IGTV so you can capture your audience’s attention right away when your video comes up on their screen.

To captured your audience’s attention, and keep them coming back for more, you want to think about how you can get them invested in your videos.

Think about bringing your audience into your environment so they can feel connected with you.

One example is creating videos that are more raw and off-the-cuff storytelling, as opposed to the high production videos on YouTube.




There’s nothing like building community to create a strong fan base for your business.

There’s no doubt that YouTube has always been great for community building.

With strategy, you can create a place where your audience can engage with you, and each other in the comments of your videos.

This creates a real sense of togetherness and can help your channel and business grow through word of mouth.

One complaint people have had about IGTV, is getting some sort of engagement on their videos.

How are you meant to build community without engagement?

Here’s the thing many are forgetting. It’s no different to when YouTube started.

It’s going to take strategy and work.

That means knowing what your audience wants on that platform, consistent posting, watching what does well, then doing more of that.

Whether you’re starting from scratch on IGTV or have an engaged audience elsewhere that you’ve transferred to Instagram, it the same thing.

There’s going to be some effort needed to grow your community on IGTV.

But is it worth it?

Well that depends on your goals.




So which platform should you go with?

If you don’t have a clear picture yet as to which video platform suits you best, then why not have both?

While YouTube and IGTV are very different, they can be used together to engage your audience and grow your brand and business.

If there’s one thing about social media that never changes, it’s the aim to translate your brand in a way that helps your audience grow, and increase business for you.

Here’s where YouTube and IGTV can co-exist, and work together beautifully.

A business or personal brand is multi-faceted.

You can be entertaining, and yet have a serious side.

You can be educational, but want to share some behind the scenes content at the same time.

What better way to show off the different sides of your business than on two different platforms?

Depending on your brand and goals, you can use YouTube to be informational and create community.

At the same time you can use IGTV to show off your personality, and establish more depth in your online brand.

The opportunities are endless when you start exploring different strategies to promote your brand on YouTube or IGTV.

So now which one will you choose?


Meet Angela Sargeant 


Angela Sargeant is an Online Branding and Social Media Strategist who helps businesses stand out from the crowd, connect with their audience, and create warm leads.

From corporate marketing in IT and telecommunications, to direct sales, and coaching private clients, Angela has been in Marketing for over 25 years.

Angela’s specialty is helping her clients create a strong online brand, and building that vital connection with their audience and ideal client on social media.