An Interview With Geoff McDonald

Do you get Twitter?  

There are now 8 social media platforms in total and I of all people can understand the confusion. Personally, I’m the first to admit that I’m not the ‘go-to’ guy when it comes to Google+ or Pinterest and so on.   But I definitely “GET” Twitter and have been heavily involved with it since July, 2010

Along the way, I’ve come to realise that (at least)  80 per cent of the Aussie population just don’t get Twitter…. and, believe me, I totally understand that!!

Twitter really does feel like another planet sometimes..

Twitter is the most strategic of all the social media platforms out there.   What I’ve done here, after speaking with Geoff, is put together a list of tips to get Twitter newbies out there started and excited about using what I now call The Buzz Builder.

  • Remember, you’re in control. By driving content (be it a blog, podcast, song, video or so on), you’re making good use of Twitter and what I see as being the best traffic driver out there. From here, you never know what opportunities may come your way in the form of TV, radio or other opportunities.
  • Even as a Twitter newbie, you can reach big numbers – Familiarise yourself with Tweet Reach.
  • Example: Sarah Cannata, my friend who’s a professional writer who I’m now working with, managed to reach over 2 million people via Twitter even though she only has over 200 Followers herself.
  • Spend 20 minutes each morning checking who’s followed you overnight.
  • Spend about 20 minutes sharing useful content from other Twitter pages & websites 
  • Dedicate another 20 minutes to contacting those who have followed you and say hello,              It’s the perfect way to start connecting with people.