A Brand Twitter Live Video Series Is Here!!


I am working on a brand new idea this year, interviewing “MAGIC MELBOURNIANS” via Periscope.

Please yell out if you live in Melbourne or know some Magic Melbournians that I could feature.


It’s a new idea and will take some time to build but check out what we have done so far:


((Periscope Videos))


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Twitter Live Video is Easy



OK, so the Super Bowl is over and I just thought I’d do a little bit of fun video on Twitter Live and Periscope.

I’m going to try something totally different this year.

I’m going to interview other people and showcase just how AWESOME they are.

I’m going to use the #MagicMelbourne to showcase really great locations in Melbourne

I’m going to use the #MagicMelbournians when I showcase really awesome Melbournians.

Eventually, this frame will be filled by another awesome person, somewhere in an awesome location in Melbourne.

So if you’re listening to this or watching this in Melbourne, please contact me @KeithKeller because I want to come and see you and interview you and tell the world.

I intend to tell Melbourne about what you’re doing and I especially want to pioneer this idea that you don’t need to see my face

You don’t need to know what I’m doing today.

I really want to tell you what’s happening in Melbourne I want to tell you what’s happening with my Melbournian friends.

Eventually, as this becomes more popular we might actually get people watching and that would be the coolest thing.

Anyway enough from me, I will talk to you later, have fun and follow the hashtags #MagicMelbourne & #MagicMelbournians.