Keith shares with Laura why Buffer is:


Laura: So Keith, I know we’ve talked about different tools that you can leverage and you know that I am a huge HootSuite user because of how it simplifies social media posting, lets me keep track of different things, how I interact with people. So I’m curious. What is one of your favorite resources for simplifying your business?

Keith: Well, let me spell it out:  “B-U-F-F-E-R” 

The best site in the Twitter-verse, for sure, undoubtedly, no discussion necessary. and the reason I love it – I don’t know if you’re using it but the reason I love it is it’s like HootSuite on steroids, almost like the reverse. It’s like the Zen version of HootSuite.

HootSuite is fantastic. There’s Gremlin. There’s TweetDeck. They’re all very similar. They’re dashboards. So they give you a very, very – sort of an overview of what’s happening. What Buffer does is it’s very, very focused on one thing, scheduling. So I come across a great article, a podcast for instance from Heather and Andrew. I tweet it now. I schedule it to go out tomorrow on my four other accounts.

It took me 10 seconds. I tweet it now and then I schedule it to go out tomorrow. That took 10, 15 seconds max…. So I get traction. I’m tweeting. I’m sharing information. I’m saving time. It’s triple whammy.