When you are an entrepreneur, you need to have an online presence whether you have a brick and mortar storefront or a primary online business. As much as some people may not want to accept it, social media is here to stay. With that said, how is an entrepreneur to approach social media? What guidelines is an entrepreneur to follow? If you are an entrepreneur who spends any amount of time on social media, I’ve got two simple rules for you to follow so that your followers and clients will find you and stick with you.


Be Yourself


Once you find your specific niche of the service or product that you offer, and you know who your ideal customer is, then what? Well, the key is pretty simple. Just be you. Be true to who you are, whether that’s in your branding, marketing, your videos, interacting with current clients, speaking with potential clients, creating your offerings, writing your posts, blogging or posting on your website. I mean every.single.thing. Be yourself in everything you do. You are still saying, “What does that mean to just be me?” The easiest way to explain is to give you examples. Serena Williams. Johnny Depp. Carrot Top. Kim Kardashian. Sean Penn. Beyonce. What do they have in common? They all are just being themselves. They dress how they want, look how they want, express their opinion whether you like it or not. They basically are just who they are and could care less what you think. Sure, they are smart with marketing and making money, but they aren’t worried what anyone is going to think. They show their vulnerable side and they focus on their strengths. That’s the secret.

Don’t try to be like someone else out there. Someone else’s success won’t rub off on you. They aren’t going to put you in their will. You’re never going to look like Tom Cruise or talk like Morgan Freeman. Stop looking around. Stop comparing. Remember that video by Colbie Caillat? My favorite line is “You don’t have to try so hard.” If you are just being yourself, it’s not like work. Don’t look to the side, don’t look behind you, just look straight ahead and focus on what you’ve got going on. Make your ‘stuff’ even better. Make it the best you can make it. That’s what people want. Focus on serving others. Focus on helping others. Let people see who you are in your best and worst moments. Let them see and hear what you believe in, what you stand for, what a little piece of your “real world” life looks like. That’s how people will connect with you. Otherwise, you will just blend in with every other person or business out there who is either hiding or trying to act like someone else. Most people are “wannabes”. They wannna be like someone else. Give that shit up. It’s never going to happen.

People will be drawn to you because of any number of things: your personal style, personality, prices, products, branding, that unique thing you do, your quirkiness, what they can learn from you, how you inspire them, or maybe it’s your specific expertise or talent. So when you are thinking about attracting clients and marketing yourself, remember that no one can be you or have the smae style as you. There are well over “7 BILLION” people on the planet now and no two are alike. Claim and own your uniqueness. You will set yourself apart naturally. Stay true to your interests and desires. It’s only when you are true to you, authentic in your actions and aligned in your marketing that your tribe will find you and follow you.

Your tribe is out there waiting for EXACTLY what you are offering: 



Be Original


As I have said, I often see people trying to be like someone else. This can literally be the death of your social media presence. Some no-no’s: Don’t copy the name of someone else’s program, offering or product. Don’t copy the name of someone’s business or website. Don’t try to copy someone else’s marketing. Don’t piggy back on what’s trending or mimic another person’s posts or style. Don’t copy someone else’s blog post or topic. It’s unethical and it’s called plagiarism. Do write your own stuff. Do ask others for their input on names and content. Do tap into your own inner creative genius. There are a bazillion words in the English language (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but there are plenty to choose from). Think of your own unique name for your program, offering, series, product or whatever it is. Choose words, images and posts that mean something and resonate with you. Do allow other people to help you brainstorm on new ideas and projects. Do ask your social media audience what they want and how you can best help or serve them. Do get away from your computer, get outside, move around, exercise or meditate to allow new ideas to flow to you. Do let people see your passion for what you are doing. Do remind yourself about your big WHY that you are doing what you are doing. Do let people see that you are not perfect. Makes you more relatable and likeable.

People can become paralyzed  by their own fear sometimes when the subject of originality comes up. Don’t let this take you over and make you curl up into a little ball. I call it ‘paralysis by overanalysis’.

Remember these three false statements:

1) You have no creativity;

2) You are too lazy to take the time to be creative

3) You can’t do X because you are too afraid. 

Afraid of what people will think, what people will say, if people will laugh, or whatever else you are afraid of. 

This is just a story you are telling yourself. It’s not true. It’s just make-believe. Push through that fear. It is only resistance and it gets in the way right before you expand your comfort zone. The thing is—-it’s just self-fabricated nonsense created by your ego because your ego hates change. So rewrite that story. Remind yourself that you are creative, you are willing to take the time to be creative and you can do the unthinkable (maybe it’s posting a video, doing a webinar, filling a huge order or giving a talk in front of hundreds of people). Just be who you genuinely are. Your business will start to thrive and Google’s SEO will love you for it as well.





Kathy Mortenson, is a successful business coach for women who want to start, or grow, their business. She believes all women should believe in themselves and have the confidence to pursue their dreams of owning and running their own business. She knows firsthand that it is never too late to embrace your talents, gifts and individuality to pursue a lifestyle of freedom, choice and independence. A seasoned business professional with more than 25 years of experience as a trial paralegal, teacher and life coach, she holds a Bachelor of Education Degree, Paralegal Certificate and received her Life Coach training from the Robbins-Madanes Institute.

Kathy’s 30 day, 90 day and 9 week programs help women entrepreneurs accomplish their business goals, face the challenges of transition and transformation, and help them get their business ‘off the ground’ so they can step into their power and live a life of freedom. She is passionate about helping as many women as possible so they can find their true happiness and purpose. Kathy guest blogs for various blog sites, has been featured on the MidLife Launch podcast and is working on writing a children’s book for young girls about believing in themselves and their dreams.







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