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Guest Blog By Monika Mundell

Late in 2009 I was stuck in a business I loved, but felt trapped because I had simply swapped a boss for a business. I was still the slave who sat there 14-16 hours a day trying to make ends meet. I did. But the price I paid was far too big on my health, on my relationships and my quality of life. You might wonder what my being stuck has to do with systematizing your blogging schedule?

Just bear with me while I connect the dots for you…

Here’s the thing. Back then I was chasing the rainbow. My schedule was being controlled by other people and I was reacting to their needs, whims and demands. There was little left for myself at the end of the day. Day after day I would fall into bed exhausted… wondering whether I had made the right choices - the choices that had led me to that point in time.


Recognising the Problem and Fixing It.


In my heart I knew I did. My mind however was telling me to “get a life.” To work smarter, not harder. Since then I have come a long way, and so has my business and the way I run it. Today, nobody controls my schedule but me. I have gained more time freedom than ever and generally work about 5 hours a day - the rest is spent playing with my birds, enjoying quality time with my husband, traveling the world and OK, I admit it - hanging out at Facebook (my partial social media addiction).


Systemising Blogging - Start With Respecting Your Time.


If you struggle with your content schedule, be it with your blog posts, your newsletters or video posts it is likely that you are a victim of other people’s demands. The first step in finding the time to fix things is to recognize the problem for what it is.

How can you expect others to respect your time when you don’t? You need to set clear boundaries and make yourself unavailable more often. You’d be surprised to see that the world still functions without you checking email every two minutes.

Content creation is not hard when you set yourself up for success. The less room you leave for failure, the better your system will run.


The 3 Rules to Establishing a Successful Blogging Schedule


Establishing a blogging (or content schedule of sorts) is actually quite easy if you abide by the 3 foundational rules.


Rule # 1 - Eliminate Distractions


This rule is the first and the most important rule if you want to gain more clarity about your content schedule. Let’s face it, in today’s age and time most people spend hours a day on social media. Unless your activities are heavily targeted and you tweet, buzz, facebook and message for a good reason you are wasting your time!

Email is another medium that robs you of peace of mind. How many times a day do you check email, instead of planning and writing your blog posting schedule? I guess more often than not, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post.

In order to claim back ownership of your time you must eliminate ALL non-paying activities online. If the activity doesn’t bring you a new paying client, a new business partner or a new product sale forget about it - at least until you have some spare time. I’m serious!  There is plenty of time to be social AFTER you have completed your schedule.


Rule # 2 - Get Inspired


Inspiration can happen to you unexpectedly. Everywhere you look and listen could be your next topic for a great blog post. If you frequently experience writer’s block you are trying too hard. I have found some amazing “lightbulb” moments by reading the TV guide (even so I hardly watch TV).

Make a list of topic ideas. Here are some places to find inspiration for blog posts:

  • Ad breaks on TV
  • TV guide
  • Other industry blogs (think supporting posts, controversial posts, new ideas, tutorial, etc.)
  • Industry magazines
  • Listening to people’s conversations (both online and offline)
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • and so on.

Write down every whimsical idea you have and file them as potential ideas for your writing schedule. These ideas will come in handy later down the track. Often they will help you find your muse.


Rule # 3 - Develop Habits


Habits turn into behavior. If you do something long enough it will eventually become part of you. It’s like being made to speak a new language. Be patient as you start on the road to a new, more organized you. There will be times when you crash and burn. If you do, get up and keep going.

Every system starts with simple processes. Eventually these turn into a working machine.      


Your Blogging Machine


Setting up and running your blogging machine week in and -out is easy with the above foundational rules in place. I have found that by setting aside a weekday or two to write the weekly content schedule works well for me. The only difference between you and me is that I do this for client’s, whereas you’d be doing it for your blogs.

Usually on Sunday nights I spend 10 minutes planning my posts for the following week. I reserve a day/or two to write my blog posts early in the week then proceed to doing that. Before I sit down to write I grab my muse list, my headphones and my iPod with my easy listening playlist. I find that my muse really flows when I’m surrounded by good vibes and a stress-free environment (this includes pet free, child free, work colleague free places if possible).

If that is not possible try to listen to some music to create your own writing zone at will.

I aim to publish my posts twice weekly, depending on the client’s needs, but even if you opt for one post a week it is better than none.

Once written, posts can be scheduled for publication if you run your blog on the WordPress software. It works perfectly every single time.    


Getting the System Down Pat


Once your posts are scheduled for the week you are off to a great start. Things are much easier to control once your system has been set up. The next thing you must do is to keep at it, week by week. Get into the habit of observing the world around you for content ideas, keeping snippets for inspiration and setting your weekly schedule at a given time during the week. Then proceed to write your content.


Stuck for Time, Despite Your Best Efforts?


If despite your best efforts you just can’t find it in you to blog or write content for your business you might be better of outsourcing the work to a capable writer. Time is money and wasting time chasing things you hate doing is a bad business move. Instead, spend your time doing the things you love and pay a capable professional to do the work for you. It’s a win/win situation.

Meet Monika Mondell 

Over the years Monika Mundell has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies. Her quality writing services help business owners like you get more exposure online.

Her sizzling copywriting services and Monika’s ability to intuitively understand your target market helps her to reach and captivate your audience with the right words without the hype.

Monika brings to the market a rare understanding of her client’s needs and wants, and she will work with you to help you attract more business.

Contact Monika: 






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