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Stacie Wang


Podcasting can be a fantastic way to express yourself and build an audience at the same time. 

Building a strong personal brand with a podcast can be challenging at first but here are a few central themes to get you started.


(1) Find The Fields You Are Interested In


Your personal interests can be one of these best sources of inspiration here and this is an excellent place to start with your podcast.

The main advantage is that you will have a seemingly endless supply of interesting topics to discuss and bounce off.

If you are proficient in a particular industry your guidance could be extremely valuable to your audience and this could be terrific starting point.

What are your interests?
Could you do a podcast about those?


(2) Develop Unique Perspectives 


When you focus on a specific area such as design or skill learning, offering more professional knowledge and experience may help the podcast to flow and for your personality to shine through. This is the a KEY ingredient with a successful podcast

Polishing your speaking skills is essential to improve the quality of your finished product, especially when you conduct live interviews with guests.

You have need to learn how to come up with questions and responses “ON THE FLY” as they say. 


(3) Try to Keep Updated With The Hot Topics


You don’t have to choose a field that most people would like to listen such as Music, comedy or entertainment, simply follow what you are good at and what you are interested in.

However, no matter what category you decide on, it is very important to keep your content up to date and topical.


(4) Well Organised Titles & Descriptions Definitely Help


A great title is sometimes much more important than the content itself (now there’s a contentious comment for you)

At any rate, it is the first point of contact with your audience so it is very important to spend some time on this. 


(5) Update Episodes Regularly


Adding new episodes for your podcast regularly is a good way to keep audience growing with you.

Weekly episodes are the most common scenario here and provide continuity for your audience.


(6) Personalise Your Podcast


Your podcast should represent your authentic personalities, this is extremely important.

Being your true self is the best way to keep lasting style and to build a loyal audience.


Now For The Distribution!!


Developing distribution channels for your podcast is absolutely essential.

Cast Fm can help spread the word here so check out the links below.

Good luck with your podcasts - Please let us know how you go




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