Guest Post By Marianne de Pierres

As a writer, choosing the social media platform that will serve you best is an overwhelming process. As a professional author of twenty years I’ve used a great many platforms but always return to Twitter and Facebook. Recently though, Pinterest has really captured my attention. This virtual pinup board is a welcome relief, allowing me to connect with readers and friends WITHOUT having to write.

Why should you invest time in PINTEREST as your go-to Social Media platform?

  • Pinterest crossed the 10 million unique visits mark quicker than any other platform, including Facebook.
  • It’s known as the 4th largest driver of Internet traffic worldwide.
  • People use Pinterest to find buy links.

How Writers Can Use PINTEREST Creatively to Network

Let people get to know you through your choice of Pins. The images and links you PIN on your boards will reveal your interests without having to write time-consuming opinion pieces. You can mix the tone of your boards, and show different facets of you personality.

  • Invite someone in the publishing industry to guest Pin on your page.
  • Run competitions e.g. every time someone re-Pins your book cover they go into the draw to win a prize pack.
  • Encourage fan art and visual media based on your work and create a board for it.
  • Share images that inspire your stories
  • Share videos and audio files that inspire your stories

Writers Can Use PINTEREST for Business

Pinterest offers a business account if you want to sell products through your page. Once you’ve signed up for it you will receive a tutorial on how to market effectively, drive traffic and create your own community.

  • Learn how to add PINIT pages to your websites to drive more traffic.
  • Learn how to make your product stand out
  • Get Pinterest’s web analytics to see what’s what
  • Get a PINTEREST widget to add to your website
  • Get Rich Pins which show more product detail than normal Pins.

Meet Marianne de Pierres

Marianne de Pierres is a multi-award winning Australian author who publishes novels in the science fiction, fantasy, crime and young adult genres.

Over the eighteen years Marianne has been a professional writer, she’s acquired a wide skill base and knowledge about the business of writing, as well as a wide and diverse professional network.

Marianne has a proven track record in using Social Media as a tool to establish a strong writing profile.

She has three websites which amass up to 1 million hits per month as well as Twitter, FB, tumblr, Pinterest, Keek and GooglePlus pages with over 5000 followers