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Keith Keller is interviewed here by Wendy Fore from @CashLifeMastery and together they really pull apart how to use hashtags (#) to maximise your twitter marketing and more importantly find your ideal client.

Ultimately, it really is as simple as ABC. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

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Adele Carpool Karaoke




Adele - Hello (Metal Cover By Leo Moracchioli)


((The Full Interview))


Wendy: Hello everybody this is Wendy Fore and you are joining Cash Life Mastery Social juice. Today our topic is ‘Hashtag for newbie’s’ and how to use Twitter to grow your business. So guys today my co-host Keith Keller and I will be telling you all about how to take hashtags and make them go viral. So if you need to reach me my name is Wendy Fore again and you can reach me on Cashlifemastery on Facebook, and we do business coaching, social media coaching, animated videos intro’s and outro’s. So Keith could you introduce yourself and tell everybody how to reach you?

Keith: Yeah, so my name is Keith Keller I’m an Ausie as you can tell so my URL or my website is and please don’t forget the au because is owned by another Keith Keller in the U.S. I’m trying to get it back. So we’re going to talk about Hashtags today, we’re going to talk about Twitter. I’ve actually devised a system, just in case you think Hashtags are a waste of time or you just don’t know how to use them? I’ve worked out a very, very strong system and I’m getting amazing result, and I’ll share those with you, because I actually have this really cool experiment that I ran yesterday, we reached 1.5 million people all in one day on Twitter, it’s very, very cool. I’ll show you exactly how I did that.

Wendy: I can just see you now behind the computer with your little laboratory of Twitter.

Keith: Yeah I’m like the Dr Emmet Brown of Twitter, I’m the dude, I’m like the doc inventing a time machine, or a refrigerator in the 1880’s if you’ve seen ‘Back to the future III’. You know I just love tinkering and that’s my role in the world, my role in the world is to pull all this apart, I don’t know the absolute latest thing that happened on Twitter today, that’s not my job, my job is to pull apart what’s working, test it out and come up with a theory that the average person in the street can use, and this theory works I have been leveraging this for many years now. Absolutely, absolutely works. You just lead the way, what do you think people want to know about hashtags? What’s the most important idea?

Wendy: I think honestly people want to know how to find the best hashtag and also how to take that hashtag and make your tweets go viral? Those are the two top questions as a business coach that I can think of.  

Keith: Okay well I do know a site so we can start the call right away with that site. fantastic site that’ll basically decode what’s happening in the Twitter verse for you, if you don’t have you know the inspiration to try this yourself, but I’ve worked out three very specific ways to use hashtags, three very specific ways;

  1. Is use power words, words that you would use in the English language anyway. Motivation, inspiration, marketing, business success, Melbourne Australia. Things that people know to look for, the way to think of that is exactly like you would think of Google keywords, exactly how you would think of Google keywords. You’re looking for a hairdresser in Mentone, Mentone is a suburb in Melbourne, you’re looking for a blog post about business, that’s what you would use, you would use the hashtag to search for very, very specific key words. So the first way to get your head around hashtags is to start incorporating some of the words that relate to the post that you’re posting about. Here’s a cool video, hashtag video about #hastags. So for instance [unintelligible 04:17] Felon videos that I tweeted today which came out in 2014, have 36 million views.

Wendy: Wow

Keith: It was actually a hashtag video about what not to do and all sorts of really cool people popped their head in to go mate you’re going on a bit can you, you know shut up please, but hashtags can be very powerful, this is why it’s so important to use them. Just imagine you’ve started on Twitter and you think you know I better get my head around Twitter and I’ve got 15 followers maybe 50 followers and you think all this time there’s no point tweeting it because no one’s going to see it, but if you use the hashtag that everyone is looking for and will help you find those then suddenly people go he’s Keith, he’s just started on Twitter, but that’s a really good video, I never would have found him if I hadn’t used this hashtag and these are people with; I want to give you a really cool example, really cool example leading into part two, the first part is power words, motivation, inspiration, marketing, success, business in Melbourne, yeah these sort of things

Wendy: Yeah

 Keith: Easy to do and easy to add, and I recommend you add about two or three maybe at the bottom or may be inside a sentence if you want, upto you, when the power comes in, no one’s doing this, very few people are doing this, because you create your own individual hashtag that  no one’s thought of. I could give you a really cool example car pool karaoke I only found this one today. There’s this really cool dude, amazing, this is an amazing premise, listen to this premise, this amazing talk show host in the U.K actually interviews people in his car and he gets them to sing a song.

Wendy: Wow

Keith: So he gets Adele in the car talking about her latest song and then he puts this CD on and says lets have her sing, let’s have her sing carpool Karaoke # carpool karaoke. Now that video has had 17 million views, 17 Million, so then he gets Rams Jude in the car and then he gets Elton John, and then he gets Mariah Carey, and then he goes, let’s belt out a song over here, what do you want? What’s your favourite and they just belt out this song in the car while he’s driving in traffic, now that’s creating, create your own hashtag.

Wendy: So let me ask you this how could you take a hashtag for a business tweet and get the same type of viralness from it?

Keith: Well I’ll tell you exactly, so what you’ve got to do and I’ll give you a very clear example because our hastag is Twittertips4newbie’s right that’s our hashtag. That’s the one that we’re using to let you know that everything that we’re doing on under the premise of Twittertips4newbie’s comes in a line and if you go to #Twittertips4newbies on Twitter now you’ll see, I mean people have got that juice up to say really good stuff Keith these video’s and audio’s and these blog posts you are doing, they’re valuable, I’m going to share those, and that’s what you want, you want to create what the content marketing strategy is, isn’t it?, create such compelling content, whether it’s a video of Adele singing in a car, and this next one, this is going to blow your head off, what you do is you actually pick a hashtag that relates to the actual goal and then you try and so something slightly different so that people feel compelled to share it.

Wendy: I guess I want to make this clear because there are a lot of people coming in and they don’t really know how to relate these, you wouldn’t take your business Twitter hashtag and attach it to a video about carpool singing though? That’s not what you would do?

Keith: No, no, no that’s very, very clear, and I’ll give you a very clear idea of it, yesterday, I only found this yesterday. This is amazing; this is exactly how the internet works. We’re all doing what we do, we love what we do, but some of us are invisible, we just can’t get the punch, we just can’t get the word out, yeah?

Wendy: Right

Keith: So what I’ve found yesterday was this guy in Norway this is an amazing premise he takes really quite [unintelligible 08:35] covers and he puts a rock beat on them, so here’s this guy in Norway sang hello by Adele with heavy metal guitar it has had 8 million views, 8 million views now I’m getting to the point in a minute, this guy has 5000 followers on Twitter I checked 5630 I think, yesterday I tweeted, I came up with this hashtag myself #creative covers 2016 tells you exactly what it’s about, no one else has thought of it and the reason I thought of it was because I keep hearing all these really, really, really boring covers of Taylor Swift’s songs and Adele Songs and I’m thinking look I’ve heard these songs, I heard the original song and the original song is fine but I don’t want to hear you singing it on an acoustic guitar, I personally don’t want to hear that. So here’s this guy sitting in his bedroom with a drum set playing; shredding on his guitar singing Adele’s hello like it’s Edie Van Halen you know, and it’s funny right so I came up with the hashtag to help him out creative covers 2016. So he tweeted his video’s other than the fact that they are on you tube on Twitter only 5000 people get to see him right, that’s very clear, he’s got 5000 followers, but I shared it with some of my mates and yesterday we reached 1.5million people on Twitter because I called a few favours because I said this is good, can you just spend 2 minutes and just re-tweet this to your tribe, so my mate in Philadelphia who is a Radio announcer with  a million downloads a week 1.2 million followers, he tweets it to his tribe and his tribes listening, if this guys like it I’m going to listen to it too, because I trust him, so here’s a guy in Philadelphia tweeting a guy from Melbourne Australia about a guy playing guitar in Norway. This is the power of Twitter.

Wendy: How would you make it, like if you’ve got a business tweet, say I’m doing something about SEO, I want to explain SEO to my twitter crowd. I have a free give away, you know I’m going to go to and I’m going to try to find the best hashtag that would relate to what I’m talking about, how do I make it go viral?

Keith: Well there are two very clear points to what you just said there. The first key point is you go to what other people are using so if everyone is using SEO/contentmarketing/                   inboundmarketing/… then you use those too, because that means there is already a group of people that are waiting for you, that’s the first thing.


Wendy: Right                                   

Keith: The second thing and this is the game, it’s like having a no.1 song on Billboard, you know you’ve got to create some juice, social juice if you’d like to actually pardon the pun. You’ve got to actually create some sort of idea around; like carpool karaoke, I mean what a cool name. who would have thought of that, that’ an original idea so you know you’ve got to create something that’s slightly funky, that’s slightly unique, so that people go I know exactly what that’s about, that’s Keith tweeting all those really funny videos from that guy in Norway. Good if I’m in the mood for that I know exactly where to go.

Wendy: So maybe I’ve come up with something creative but I also include on my post something that’s already been used by somebody else.

Keith: Exactly right, exactly right. SEO/ contentmarketing, SEO for pet lovers, you know

Wendy: Yeah

Keith: Something really bizarre, something obscure that no one is using, but you’re picking up on a very key point and that is that there is a thing in twitter called Trending Topics, I don’t know if you’ve seen this?

Wendy: Yes

Keith: If you’re on Twitter. So what that is and it’s so amazing, what it is, is someone very cleverly, probably a group of people said you know there are all these hashtags floating about all the time wouldn’t it be cool if we could do some stats and work out the top 10 trending topics. What are the top 10 hashtags today in Melbourne? What are the top 10 hashtags today in L.A? And that site tells you on the side of your Twitter, you just go, and type in the town you want it’s on the left hand side, you just type in the town you want, you just type in and click it, and it comes up with the top ten trending topics in your town now.

Wendy: And can you just do it for the United States, for Australia?

Keith: Yeah it’s worldwide, you can do it for the U.S, you can do it for Canada, you can do it most cities in the U.S, most cities in Australia, and New Zealand and most countries in Europe. So for instance if you’re doing a gig in New York today and you’re thinking well what’s trending in New York? I might try including that in my tweets or my talk. What you can do is you can start saying okay well this topic is very popular today, and you can’t make it up, I mean it’s got to be I mean a few things have got to come together like this guy in Norway who plays shredding loud heavy metal guitar over Adele songs, I mean that’s funny, if you’re in the mood for that, and he’s got 8 million fans watching his videos

Wendy: Yeah so basically kind of wrapping this up what we need to do guys is we need to go to, we need to find the most related, relatable hashtag to your tweet, then you need to pick something that is unique to you, but also use something that other people are already using in your niche to help get the viralness. Then also use the trending topics to help find things that are being, that are like the top 10 trends within that time period because I think that changes throughout the day right Keith?  

Keith: Every hour, trend changes on the hour.

Wendy: Every hour yeah so guys that is what we’re going to try this week for using hashtags and see how we can grow our Twitter accounts with these new tips and guys you were joining Cash Life Mastery social juice hashtag for newbie’s, and if you need to reach me my name is Wendy Fore, you can reach me on facebook @ cashlifemastery. We do business coaching, social media coaching, monetization, animated video’s and much, much more and guys if you need to reach Keith I’ll let him tell you how to reach him.

Keith: Well my name is Keith Keller I’m an Ausie and I do Twitter and what we really want you to do is, we really want you to start following #Twittertips4newbies because that’s a very unique hashtag that not many people, a few people have started using it I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks, a few people have started to encroach on that idea, but it’s a pretty new idea, Twittertips4newbies no one’s really thinking of that so most of the time when I tweet about that Twittertips4newbies you’ll find all of the stuff that we’re doing in a line, all the videos, all the audio’s all the blog posts, all the upcoming blabs, and this is exactly how you should be using or could be using hashtags, it’s a very useful way to collate your tweets, it’s a very useful way to get a traction on your tweets and it’s a very, very good way to measure your tweets and that’s a very good segway because next week we’re actually doing a whole show dedicated to Twitter tools, all my favourite Twitter tools, and there’s hundred of them, I’m going to picking my top 10 maybe, my top 10 Twitter tools.

Wendy: Well I think we’re going to go over 20 minutes next week aren’t we?

Keith: Maybe I’ll edit it down, I’ll edit it down, I’ll speed up the tape

Wendy: Okay, well guys like I said Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery social juice here on and guys make sure that you follow us next week at 7:00 P.M Eastern Monday nights for more Twitter info. Talk to you guys later, have a great night.

Keith: See you later.




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