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“Using Twitter for Business: An Introductory Guide”  


Even before you start finding people to follow, we recommend tweeting a few times to give potential new followers an idea of the type of content you will be sharing. Your most valuable asset is the information you provide, and it will often be the deciding factor for whether another user decides to follow you back.

Types of Tweets:

 1. An Observation:

Tweet about what you‘re doing, thinking or feeling.

2. What You’re Reading:

Post a link to an interesting blog post or news article.

3. What You’re Watching:

Post a link to a cool video from Hulu or YouTube.

4. What Events You’re Attending:

Share a link to the next conference you plan to attend.

5. Your Content:

Post a link to your most recent company or personal blog article.

6. Someone Else’s Content:

Post a link to someone else‘s blog article as a helpful resource.

7. Chat With Someone:

Direct messages to other Twitter users using an @ sign. (We‘ll cover this in more detail in Step 6.)

8. Retweet What Someone Else Has Tweeted:

Retweet (using “RT” or “Retweet” at the beginning of the message or clicking Twitter‘s Retweet button) to repeat to your followers what another user has tweeted

Remember that everything you say is public! Don‘t say anything you wouldn‘t say at a networking event. Even if you delete a tweet, it might still be archived on the internet with the potential to get found.

 How To Use Twitter – Basics For New Users

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