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Which one is better for your company - or is a combination the best way forward?

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Wendy Fore: Hi everybody my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery and you’re joining Cash Life Mastery Social Juice and today we are talking about Twitter automation versus organic engagement, which grows faster? Today guys our illustrious Keith Keller, lady Killer Keller as I like to refer to him the King of Aussie Twitter is here to elaborate on these topics today, but one thing I want to bring up before Keith gets started is, if you’re thinking about automation you need to think about the reasons you’re using it and how you’re using it? So Keith let’s get talking about Twitter automation.

Keith Keller: Yeah look this is such a hot topic, this is such a hot topic, I live and breathe Twitter as you know I am a one trick pony I’m the ‘Aussie Twitter Dude’ in fact if you want to find out more about that go to In reality, you just can’t keep up with everything doing it organically on your phone or your laptop or your PC. You’ve got to find some tools to help you manage that process, so you’ve got to find a way to use some tools that are cost effective. Some of them are free, some of them have some cost and it’s a way of getting the mojo, getting some sort of work life balance. My wife and I are going away for the Queen’s birthday, that’s a sort of an Aussie tradition, it’s actually not the Queen’s birthday, it was actually Queen Victoria’s birthday, but we’ve actually inherited that date. 

Wendy: I’ll be honest with you as an American I think it’s an excuse for a vacation. [Laughs]

Keith: Yeah and why not, so why not, so we have the Queen’s birthday in June. Yesterday I planned a day, a romantic weekend with my wife and the really key point there is that I don’t want to spend 10 hours a day on my computer, I don’t want to spend every minute of the day checking my phone. I don’t, I just don’t so automation allows you to have a break, to have a rest, to go for a run, to cook dinner for your child, to have a sleep. What’s your take on automation, what do you think about that?  

Wendy: I love it; I think it’s the way to go. It is just a matter of what I see a lot of times, people are doing it wrong. They think well okay I’m going to automate so I’m just going to load my system with all these little pictures and you know one sentence about some random thing and okay I’m automated, now people know about me. Well that’s great I mean you know like if you take a picture of your kid eating cereal once you say oh he’s so cute you know and then the next one is a picture of you know you driving down the road and you see a pretty scenery that’s great too, but you know you need to throw in some pertinent valuable information

Keith: I totally agree.

Wendy: People are following you to get you know business information if you’re in business, you know a lot of times if you really look through your followers and the people that you’re connected to, there may be a small amount of family and friends on your list, but most of the people that you’re connected to are there as business connections and although they want to know about you, they want to know about your personal life, they do want to get to know you, but you do need to make sure that you’re giving that valuable information too because people will stop following you if that’s all you’re posting.

Keith: Let me just pick up on what you’ve just said there, because that’s a slightly different angle to what I was going to talk about. This idea of posting innocuous, blank, boring Vanilla posts actually add no value to anyone, other than if you like pictures of people eating cereal or lovely scenery or you know inspiring quotes because people do love those. But this particular blab has been called ‘Automation Versus Engagement’, really it’s not one or the other, it’s both. You can’t spend 10 hours a day on your computer answering messages all day every day you’ve got to work, you’ve got clients, you’ve got kids to take to school, you’ve got to cook dinner, you have an occasional holiday, you have got get some rest, you’ve got to work-out. But you can’t spend all day everyday automating either, because you’ll just look like a Robot.  

Wendy: It’s just what I was saying that what I see is that oh I’m getting automated, I’m getting in gear, my business is going to take off now, I’m getting automated, but they’re doing it wrong so their engagement is not happening and then they go well automation isn’t working for me. 

Keith: I’m trying to fully understand exactly how you’re talking about automation? You are saying that people automate as a strategy to; as a lead magnet? Is that what they’re doing? Are they trying to get, are they trying to use automation to get a lead and then find a way to engage with that lead once it comes in is that what you’re saying?  

Wendy: Right exactly, I mean that’s the reason for getting automated, is to being able to bring in those leads, but people are just not doing it right because they’re posting more random, touchy feely type of stuff, and I’ll be honest people are going to be there because they want to get business value from me.  

Keith: I totally agree, what would you recommend instead?

Wendy: Well you know things like a link to a blog title you know, a blog you’ve written about some business topic, or you know if you do have a beautiful scenery picture, relate it back to some type of business motivational thing. Not O this is a pretty tree, but when I need to get my mind right in business I sit and meditate in scenery like this and it relates back to business.

Keith: If your business is selling really lovely pictures or you’re an artist then it’ll be absolutely on brand to tweet pictures of what you’ve done. Here’s a great picture of a wedding I took last weekend, isn’t it lovely Colorado is beautiful this time of the year. You know click to know more. But if you’re a business analyst or a social media strategist or you know a positive speaker, then you know pictures of babies eating cereal are not very, very useful. So just to pick up on what you’ve said there I use what we call the Hansel and Gretel model, so basically, I just coined that phrase myself. So basically I am a Twitter dude. I teach Twitter and I know lots about Twitter and I could teach you anything you’d like to know about Twitter if that’s what you want, but people don’t know who I am , so I’m sending out little snippets, little bread crumbs throughout the day, here’s an interview I did in Sweden isn’t that cool? Here’s a really lovely blog post you might like form my friend Teresa in Toronto. Here’s a cool video I was featured in the Huffington post and so basically you go Aah! This guy knows what he’s talking about. Little bread crumbs to say actually this guy does know what he’s talking about, let’s get him in, let’s get him at our next event, let’s get his e-book, let’s ask him if he can come and talk to our company. I have seen people send these generic Vanilla, Vanilla is what I call them, Vanilla quotes which actually do get engagement better than; and I’ve said this to my wife, if you put up a stall at the end of your street and said “Free Beer Today”, you’re going to get hundreds of people coming to your house, you are, you just will, but what are you doing, you’re just giving away free beer. It has nothing to do with what you’re selling. Maybe if you sold beer or you think okay well if people get to know me then I can at-least get a chance to chat with them, it’s a strategy, but you’re much better off selling hey here’s a free e-book that I wrote, here’s a blog post that I think you might like it relates to what I do and it might be useful to you. The great think about that is that people are interested in that will be your clients. If they are not interested in an e-book about Twitter well they are not interested in Twitter, so they don’t need me at all, and I don’t even drink Beer so there is no point in me even giving away Beer because that has nothing to do with my business. And that’s sort of what you were leading to.

Wendy: Yes

Keith: his automation is a bit of trickery isn’t it?

Wendy: Yes exactly I mean it’s like I said, I mean put up a picture of a beautiful scenery but somehow you have to relate that back to business, unless like you say you’re an artiste and you’re in the business of selling pictures of beautiful scenery

Keith: [Laugh]

Wendy: You know that’s only get around to that.

Keith: Could you give me some examples that you have seen of people doing this really well.

Wendy: Well like for instance they might have like a picture of the ocean and a sunset and they could say something about, you know every day is a brand new day, you know start your business fresh today, work on planning out your week today is a brand new day. You know like with the picture of a sunrise over the ocean.

Keith: Okay, okay.

Wendy: You know something around those lines; I mean yes put the pretty picture out but related back to business.

Keith: Wendy how do people contact you before we go into the after show party mode?

Wendy: Okay guys my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery, right now currently I’m asking everybody to reach out to me on Facebook because our website is under construction, there are some new and exciting things coming, and so you can reach me at Cash Life Mastery on Facebook where we help entrepreneurs bootstrap into profit and if you guys need business coaching or animated video please reach out tome we can really help your business excel.  



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