In this episode Keith Keller & Wendy Fore discuss how to “BRAND YOUR TWEETS” and suggest that you track this idea with a fantastic site called TWUBS


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Wendy: Hello everybody my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery and you’re joining us today on Cash Life Mastery Social Juice and today we’re talking Twitter Chats for Newbie’s and how to use ‘Twubs’ for branding and today my co host Keith Keller is joining us and he is going to give us some twubs lovin he’s going to tell us how we can really dive into ‘Twubs’ but before we do I’m going to talk a little bit about branding today, I had a very interesting conversation with one of my clients today and it was just so neat that this fell into the same topic that we’re talking about on blab tonight and the question that she had for me was should I brand myself or should I brand my business? And this is one thing that I really want to talk to you guys before you get out there and start using Social media platforms to brand yourself which is something you really need to do make sure that you’ve got yourself niche down. This girl had probably about four or five different things that she was into, which was fine, but she really wasn’t sure how to brand herself and still promote all of her products because some things did not really mesh into others you know she wanted to be a life coach which she hasn’t promoted yet, but yeah she had a lot of affiliate products, one of them being coffee and so coffee and life coaching to me just really you know, on the same website don’t go together. So my advice to her was, what you really need to do is niche yourself down make sure with your coaching, because at first she was like I want to coach people about business. So I said okay what about business, do you have specific topics? like Keith is the Twitter king, you know, he’s basically the person that you go to for Twitter, you know and there are several other people who are like YouTube Guru’s you know if I had a problem with YouTube which I did yesterday [laughs] I would go to those people. You know but basically like what I do is I teach people to bootstrap their business, so I know a little bit about everything and I know how to get things cheaper, better, useful, not useful, and give that type of advice, and she’s like well I don’t really think I want to talk about business then, and I said well what do you want to do? She said well I want people advice and motivate them and I said well it sounds like you want to be a life coach, she’s like yes, yes, so you know it really took that conversation with her to get the idea of how to kind of brand herself down, niche herself down is what I call it, and get her to a focussed area, because from there I said you can maybe start another website you know that’s not in your name, because she already had, and so she should start another website that’s focussed on coffee or focussed at whatever other products she has, but use your, for your life coaching because that makes more sense. So that is one thing that I really want you guys to think about before you start creating these hashtags that we’re going to talk about tonight.

Keith: Yeah

Wendy: Because like for me my hashtag is #cashlifemastery, go figure it’s my business I own it, so yes I brand my business, normally I tell you to brand yourself because it’s you, nobody can take that away you can change what you are doing then you don’t have to go change your website and everything else. Unless you have your own business like I do cash life mastery I’m branding both the business and myself but if you’re selling candles you don’t want to brand yourself with that company that’s selling candles. You want to brand you, your name.     

Keith: Do you have your own website

Wendy: Yeah I actually do, not open but I do have it, I do have it. 

Keith: It’s a very good coaching point.

Wendy: Yeah so you know it’s just; it’s about narrowing things don because people want to come to experts, you know like for me if you want to know how to boot start your business, you come to me, you want to know about twitter you come to Keith, you want an expert in You Tube I think Roberto Blake he’s the first person I can think of who is awesome with You Tube. You know you go to someone like that who is specializing in that area, so you know that’s really the key to branding. Just getting your niche down knowing what you’re really good at and then focussing everything that you do from there, and with that said Keith and I are going to talk to you about picking really pertinent hashtags using them on Twubs and using them in Twitter chats. So Keith I’m going to let you take it away.

Keith: That was an extremely interesting introduction because lots and lots of people are stuck with that idea I’ve given you some examples there is Wendy’s business name, now my kin Calgary said what if you walk away? Wendy could walk away no one needs to know that’s her business, Cash Life Mastery doesn’t mention her name, someone can pick that up and move it on, my business name is someone can pick that up and move with it if they wanted to, but I went and bought the URL and pointed it at it because I’m the dude, I’m the king of Twitter, if you want to know about Twitter I am setting myself up as the guy to go to, it’s a very good placing point global social media coaching has a blog about all sorts of things, websites and YouTube and SEO and all sorts of  funky things which are really cool, but if you want to know about Twitter, I have an E-book, I have a website, I have a podcast, so it’s a very good case in point, you have to make that decision, and with that let’s talk about branding and the idea of how Twubs can help?

So let me set some context, on Twitter as it stands March 2016 there are 270million active users. 270 million people log into Twitter every month and look around. Now that’s a big number that in itself is chunking around with, Facebook as we know has 1.5 billion people but that’s a totally different platform. So now that you know there are 270million people there, hanging around I want you to play around with this thought, there are 9000 tweets a second. There are 9000 tweets every second of the day, so, it’s a Twitter club, a club where people hang out on Twitter is a place which I have discovered years ago now where we can actually make our Twubs page look awesome, I mean it’s not just brilliant, it’s mind blowingly awesome, now today I played around with this circle. takes a hashtag and turns it into a lovely page. #Twitter tips for newbie’s is the hashtag, what Twubs does, this is so clever, what Twubs does is it actually takes that hashtag and it actually makes a really, really, really lovely page. So if you’re listening to the recording I want you to go to’s and everything that I am going to explain today is there, we’ve also got if you’re listening to the recording, if you’re watching live I want you to go and have a look at these sites just so that you know what I’m talking about. I mean they look magnificent.

Wendy: We’re just getting this started guys, so you can imagine if you have been doing it for a while how much engagement you can get off of this?

Keith: The thing I discovered today, which is not new but it was new for me, and I don’t even know, Wendy knows this is so cool you can imbed a Blab in Twub. 

Wendy: Yes I saw that, I saw that you did that that looks so cool.

Keith: Now you can imbed a Blab in a Twub, so what is that? That’s not a Blob, it’s not a Blab, It’s not a Vlog it’s a Twab. Maybe it’s a Twab so what I’m saying  here is you’ve got this lovely looking page and the world is buzzing by, remember there are 9000 tweets a second, the world is buzzing by and we’re all starting to get depressed that no one’s looking at our stuff anymore, because there’s so much stuff, so imagine if you found this  really lovely page by one site /something and that’s your home base, that’s your; it’s not a website, but it’s a lovely place to have your events, to have your blabs, to have your blog or your radio shows

Wendy: [Unintelligible 10:12] just like you do on one of your Facebook page, but you’re doing it on Twitter. You know you can have everybody joining in and using your hashtag so anything they tweet comes up in your Twub. Good lord that’s [laughs]

Keith: Look I know it’s complex but let me break it down, you can do nothing and you’re just going to get lost in the wash and this actually picks up what Bruno’s talking about there are 9000 tweets a second, there are 270 million people floating around in Twitter.  This one tool which is free and has a very robust free version I think you can set up about 10 or 20 of those little sites if you’ve got little events going on. It’s free to get started and then of course they have to make some money and they have a paid version, here’s a way that you can make your page look really lovely and again stand out from the crowd, we’re all about standing out from the crowd making sure that when you go to an event, when you write a book, if you’ve got a radio show, if you’ve got a gig in the city that you can make people come to your gig rather than his gig, buy your T shirt rather than that T shirt, or buy you book rather than the hundreds of other books that you see at the airport. And it’s a bit of a game, it’s a bit of a game, and we play this game and I just wanted to share this, I just wanted to do this blab specifically about this site, because it is such a game changer and I won’t talk forever about it. It’s just simply is the site itself my version of that is’s I’m sort of taking ownership for that one and playing around with it. Wendy is taking ownership of cash life mastery and playing around with it, you can see that we’ve used with different colours, slightly different graphics, and you can see this evolve over time. And all you need to do, this is the cool thing, all you need to do is when you’re doing your tweets just add that hashtag and it’ll automatically show up in this page forever. It’s like a little repository of all your tweets. So I want you to start playing around with that, I’m going to send you back to Wendy to wrap the section up, and then we’ll go into the after show party because this section is really only about 15 to 20 minutes. What are your thoughts on that Wendy? Because I only introduced you to this only a couple of weeks ago, have you wrapped your head around how we could use it?  

Wendy: Yeah I mean I think honestly, just from what I’m seeing from Twubs I really think that by creating your hashtag with your brand or you know with your name or whatever key word resonates with your business, then you’re basically going to be able to build your own little community, on twitter so you don’t have to; you know you just go try some of that noise and get down to the media of what you want to hear, you know if you can get your tribe involved.

Keith: This is exactly what

Wendy: You know so if you can get your tribe involved then I really think that it’s going to turn it into your own little community. 

Keith: Twitter is for building relationships with people isn’t it?

Wendy: Yes, I think it’s more about putting like maybe your free offer and getting them to opt in to your website, you know something along those lines, but Twitter is a relationship builder and it’s a way to draw people to you, not really the place to straight up sell, I don’t think.

Keith: I really want you to be a used car salesman and go for the jugular two minutes after someone joins, I love Twitter I’ve been here for six years, but when I talk to people, I ring them, I Skype them, I email them and we chat via Dm’s or whatever, but I never ever sell in the open forum ever.

Wendy: So let’s go ahead and wrap this up and get off the recording and go to the after party and let people in. So Keith tell everybody how they can reach you?

Keith: Yeah my name is Keith Keller I have a free e-book it’s completely free, all you need is to sign up, you get a free e-book on day one and 12 emails, once a week for 12 weeks, completely free, with some little teasers virtually everything I know up until that point, and that is available at, and don’t forget, because I’m in Australia and someone else has and I’m trying to get it back. You can also find me on twitter @kethkeller and I chat there, people who know me know that I really, really engage there and that’s the point, but Wendy has some ideas too, she’s got a website, a cool twitter account and now her Twubs room.  

Wendy: Yes definitely. So guys you can reach me, my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery where we’re teaching people to, entrepreneurs to come into profits, basically is what our main goal and theme is so if you’re having issues along that line with your business please reach out, right now guys I’m telling everybody to reach me at cash life mastery on Facebook because our website is under construction. We’ve got some new and awesome things coming to you at, and we can’t wait to tell you about that down the road, but for the moment contact me at cash life mastery on Facebook or cash life mastery on Twitter and now and we’d love to have you using the #cashlifemastery so that you can be part of our conversation. And today guys thanks for joining us on cash life mastery social juice talking about Twitter chats for newbies.




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