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“Tweet In 20 Minutes Chunks”


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(2) Take the time to follow some cool people


(3) Spend some time sending out “LIVE” tweets 



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Wendy Fore: Hi everybody my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery and you’re joining us for Cash Life Mastery Social Juice and today is Twitter tips 4 Newbie’s, we’re doing an overview, we’re bringing it all together guys in this episode. We’ve been doing many weeks worth of Twitter tips and Twitter tools and all kinds of things Twitter. So today’s episode is basically about bringing it all together, everything we’ve learned since we started this episode. So today joining us guys is my illustrious co-host lady killer Keller [Laughs], Keith Keller the Aussie man himself. Keith introduce yourself, and tell everybody how they can reach you?

Keith Keller: So yeah my name is Keith Keller, I’m the Ausie King of Twitter if you like. That’s what I’m positioning myself as, as the dude who knows all there is to know about Twitter and if you need to know more about that you can contact me @KeithKeller I have an e-book about that and that’s at and we’re doing this little funky series called #Twittertips4Newbies and we’ve been doing this for about 12 weeks, we’ve got 8 really, really robust episodes a couple of them didn’t work and a couple of them were a bit fun and funky so we’re leaving those out, but this one is going to be an overview, bringing it all together. How you can Tweet in 20 minutes a day if you want or how you can really, really massage your Twitter following so that it maximizes your time. 

Most of the people that I talk to say how am I going to manage? How am I going to do it? How am I going to find the time to do Twitter? And there are a couple of things to do. One is if you don’t want to you can tell everyone in your team, your staff, your receptionist, your VA, you can give them this piece of data and they can do it. But I believe that you should be able to do Twitter easily within one hour a day and if you’re rally clever within 20 minutes a day.

I’m going to actually give you information about how if you’ve just started on Twitter, you don’t really know what to do, you can do one hour a day and you’re off and running and I’ve divided that into three twenty minute chunks.

(1) Thank the people who followed you

(2) Actively follow cool people

(3) Tweet daily.

How do you do Twitter Wendy - do you do it, bits and pieces, here and there… ?

Wendy: Yeah I do it throughout the day or I kind of have my Social Media time broken up because I don’t only do Twitter during my scheduled Social Media time. But I’ll go and I’ll do, I’d say I spend about 10 minutes or 15 minutes on Twitter, I work for a couple of hours and I go back, you know I just kind of break it up every couple of hours, I’m posting something on Social Media.

Keith: Well yeah that is what most people do and especially given that twitter is mobile platform it allows you to, you know you can do 20 minutes while waiting in the line at Star Bucks or if you’re on a train. The things that’s really interesting about Twitter and about Social Media in general is that our life is divided into situations where we’re physically sitting at the office which of some of us is a long time, but for others, we’re actually doing lots and lots of other things, riding the bus,, hanging out at the doctors, getting a coffee, waiting for a friend to turn up at the airport, stuck in traffic, I’m not implicating you tweet on your phone in the car but, if you’re stuck in traffic on a bus or in the train or if you’re waiting for someone at the airport or you’re getting a coffee, these are little chunks of time and as you know I’m a Twitter dude I only do Twitter so I’m only recommending Twitter, but I’d imagine there are strategies you can apply for all of the sites, but let’s get started. The first thing that I want you to do, I want you to do this every day if you can, I really recommend you do this every day, but if you can’t just do it every few days. I really want you to spend a couple of minutes every day looking at who has followed you that day or overnight, so just two or three minutes when you’re at the airport or the Star Bucks, just look and see who has followed you? There are some times when really, really, really great people go to the trouble of following you and with a simple message Hello! This is Keith here from Down Under, how are you? Thanks for following me, how can I help? Now this is very important because most people I know advocate the automatic DM message. Now let me be very clear that this is my position and I absolutely HATE them in big capital letters. I absolutely do not advocate automatic DM’s I prefer that you spend a little bit of time finding the ones you like and writing to them personally.   

Wendy: And I was going to say if you do use DM’s, if you’ve got to use DM’s, you feel that that’s the only way that you can go make it a very personal message. Don’t make it about hey, do this, do that, go to this link, check this, buy this, don’t sell on a DM, when you’ve just met the person. You have to say thank you for following me I really appreciate it, I look forward to being able to connect with you personally very soon, and a lot of times if you make the DM, the automatic DM very personal they will actually write back and then you can start a conversation.

Keith: That’s actually brilliant, let’s hold that thought or pencil it in for later in the after show party I want to come back to that question. Do you use automatic DM”s? Do you like them? Do you respond to them, do you really, really, really hate them? Like me and delete everyone who does them? You know there is a really strong camp, you know you’re either into it or you’re not, I hate them with a passion and I delete every one. Other people think well it’s you know saving me a bit of time and some people do respond. Let’s hold that for the after show party because that’s the format of the way we do things here. We talk for about 10 or 20 minutes and then we have an after show party which we allow people into chat about things and have little debates.

So the second thing to do, this is very, very important if you’ve just started on Twitter and that is to actively follow people, actively follow people. Now some people have said to me mate, I’m the star. I’m the singer of the band, I’m an author, I am supposed to be very important, it would look really, really silly if I followed other people and I say that’s fine just try it, just try getting followers without following others. So one way to do that is to just say look I’m here I think we’ve got some synergy, I’ll follow you, you follow me back and we’ll have a conversation. Now I personally recommend you follow about 30 people a day for 30 days. Try that, try that sort of rhythm, again when you’re at the Star Bucks or you’re at the Doctors office, sitting in a bus, so you know you’re stuck there. You might as well be doing something. It takes two minutes; I mean it takes no time at all.

Wendy: And I’m going to add to this too. Make sure that the people that you’re following are the people that are in your niche or that your target market, however you want to call it, because if you’re just randomly following anybody like for me , I’m a business and marketing coach I would really have no reason to follow people that are in a music band unless maybe I was trying to target them to be their marketing manager of the band, but that’s not really my niche are internet marketers that want to learn how to market online.

Keith: Pick up on that, well how do you find those people? Go ahead, I’ll talk about this in a minute but how do you find those targeted people to follow? You follow the followers of others or have you got a strategy for that?

Wendy: Well usually in Twitter they have a suggested follow and so I go down that list, because you know they relate that back to what you do, they do suggest who you can follow, but I do make sure that I check out each and every one of them, I just don’t hit the follow button because they suggested it for me, you know I’m going to go and I’m going to check them out and I’m going to find out what they’re about and is this the company or person that I think is going to be a match for me or my business. You know is there something that I need from them, or something I think I can give them.

Keith: Yeah that’s brilliant. What I do is I recommend as I said 30 people a day if you can manage it 60 people a day, I call this twitter 60 - 60,follow 60 people a day for 60 days, you would have followed 3600 people within the course of 60 days and about 2000 of those will follow you back, so would follow you back, so when you are first starting this is a very, very robust strategy, if you’ve got no other games to play.

So what I recommend there is just following the followers, the people that you like, whoever you find inspiring. Follow the followers of the people that you find inspiring, because chances are if you find them inspiring, and you’re tweeting similar things they will follow you too.  I’ve had robust success with that strategy and the other strategy is to follow the people they are following, and if Tony Robins is following someone maybe they’re really interesting to follow, there is a slightly less chance of them following because they’re probably a little bit high up in the food chain to be bothered following you back. But the point is that when you’re first starting as you’re getting your Mojo, you know you’ll find that there are strategies that you can use from a standing start, because there are people who can do this for you and they charge various prices and they are all very good. If you can’t be bothered doing this yourself, but if you want to do it yourself we’re giving you some strategies. Follow 60 people a day for 60 days see how you go, rinse and repeat.

The third thing I want to talk about is this idea of tweeting, now a lot of people get this wrong, or don’t do it at all, if someone is going to follow you they want stuff, they want information, now I tweet informational tweets. Tweets that are informational and interesting to my followers, but yesterday Wendy found this really interesting article that Google now is creating a Periscope look alike product called You Tube connect. Now that is of incredible interest to me and my followers. So what I did was I tweeted that out and I found several articles about this idea, because I’m guessing that if people are on Periscope and exploring Facebook live, they may be interested to say oh gee Google’s got a variation what’s that like? Is it any good? Is it better? Does it sync to You Tube? I can see the value of that. Now that means that I’m tweeting regularly information to my Tribe and then people see me as the go to resource for that. You know it might not be Social Media, it might be health, it might be acting, it might be business coaching, it might be inspiration. But the point is you want to be seen as the go to person for your niche and you want to Tweet regularly about that, now if you look like some people I know that blog twice a day beautiful, I don’t blog every day I mean I can’t blog more than once a week, so what I do is I find other articles that are interesting “Google introduces You Tube Connect” that is interesting, I didn’t write that article but it’s fascinating. Today Gary V was quoted saying “Twitter is still thumping it” Gary V still says that Twitter is a very valuable resource for your business. That’s an article that I want to read and share with my friends. Now I didn’t write that article, but Gary V is being interviewed on T.V that’s worth sharing. So the third strategy in the Twitter process that I recommend is Tweet daily, basically 80-20 four things about others great articles, one tweet about yourself. What do you do Wendy, do you tweet the 80-20 rule or the 1-10 rule?

Wendy:  That’s basically what I do you know four or five re tweets of somebody else and then something of my own, and then the next time I’m back on Twitter I do the same thing like a rinse and repeat throughout the day.

Keith: Rinse and repeat, see we call it the 80-20 rule, I personally do 10-1 but I know that’s a little bit harder for people to do so 4-1 is a very, very good strategy because most people are tweeting about five times a day, and Twitter is that sort of process where you should be tweeting that often because that’s what it’s about. Now we’re coming up to the 20 minute mark so we’ll wrap it up there. I want to fundamentally thank you Wendy for being a part of Series one. Where do you think we should morph into from here?

Wendy: Well I think on series, our next show our next series start for the summer and we’ve got a lot of things planned. You know different ways that we can brand ourselves using Twitter, anyway and every way that we can educate you to use Twitter for your business, to help you into profit and keep you going with Twitter because it is a viable tool I mean if Gary V said it that’s great but you know I say it too because you’ve got so many different platforms, you know Periscope now, and I honestly think that a lot of people are using Twitter to drive people to other platforms, drive people to their thought,  so what I see Twitter is not dead it’s actually being revived by other platforms like Periscope.  

Keith: I totally agree. So this one has been called Twitter Tips 4 Newbie’s, and the hashtag is #TwitterTips4Nebie’s so when you’re on Twitter and you want to know what we’ve been doing, we’ve been doing this since January and I want to share with you how I’ve been wrapping this up. Every week we get and audio and a video which is why I love Blab, I turn that into a Sound Cloud file that’s, I put it on You Tube at, I get the transcript which I turn into a blog at blog. So what we’re doing here now is we’re using information and sharing it and giving it life, giving it legs and this is what I recommend you do with your Twitter account. You actually use it to build trust but you also build sharing resources. Tell people how they can contact you Wendy and then we’ll go into the after show party.   

Wendy: Well why don’t you go first and I’ll wrap it up for us. [Laughs]

Keith: Okay, okay, okay so first things first, my name is Keith Keller, I’m in Melbourne Australia, so my website is, don’t forget the au, because there are 175 other Keith Keller’s in the U.S and one of them has the .com. but Wendy you’ve got your Facebook page, you’re sending people to because you’re still building your website aren’t you?   

Wendy: Right we’re cash Life Mastery, so guys today you’ve been on cash Life Mastery Social Juice, Twitter tips for Newbie’s our overview of our 12 part series and today we were bringing it all together, just kind of doing a real quick recap of what we’ve learnt over the last few weeks and I really appreciate Keith you being here with us and teaching us so, so much and guys if you want to catch me it’s Cash Life Mastery on Facebook that’s

Just shoot me a message there and we are helping entrepreneurs into profit by bootstrapping their businesses, and we also do animated videos so if you need me, you know where to reach me. Thanks Keith have a great one.

Keith: See you later.


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