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Tweeps Map really is an AMAZING site for measuring your Tweet Reach and has heaps of additional features as well.

I have managed to squeeze this number one up to 7.8 MILLION in recent weeks but try this one yourself to see how far your “TWEETS REACH”

It’s a quick and easy way to see just how far your tweets travel.




((Full Transcript Below))

Keith Keller: Tweepsmap has this amazing, amazing way of measuring tweet reach. So, what it does in its free…and I’m pretty sure it’s free…it’ll measure the last 24 hours, and it’ll measure the last 100 tweets, and it’ll give you the tweet reach.

How many people collectively followed, how many followers collectively did you reach, and my high score so far is 7.8 million. On an account with 43,000 followers. I have almost 200 times as many as much reach.

What reach means is that, I tweet something, my friend with a million followers retweets me, I just reached another million people. My friend with 1.8 million people in London retweets me, I just reached another 1.8 million.

Because they retweeted me, their followers are likely to engage with that because they trust them. It’s a little bit of a diminishing scale, but the point is, I retweet something to 43,000 people, my friend retweets something to 1.2 million people, some of those will then retweeted and it goes up the line. So, you’re getting lots and lots, and lots of eyeballs. Now, what it does, I think, I’m pretty sure that the free version is 100 tweets in the last 24 hours.

So, for instance you’re at an event, or you do a blog post and you create this very specific hashtag, twitter tips for tourism, say. What you can do in the pro version…I don’t even think it’s a monthly fee, I think it’s a once-off fee of say, $14.95…you can actually have the last 1800 tweets in the last seven days.

So, say for instance you go to an event that’s lasted three days, you spoke on the Friday but you also spoke on the Sunday, how many people tweeted in between? And who were they? And where have they come from? You know, you’re getting this robust data about who’s engaging with your content.

What would you do if you had all that data? I mean that’s a good question.

If you had all this data at your disposal, what would you do? It’s not…this is really interesting…most people think that twitter is a little bit like standing at the Empire State Building, or the tallest building in your town, and shouting out, “hey I’m here! Here’s my latest podcast, listen to it please”.

That’s what a lot of people treat twitter as, this blasting thing. Just this one way blast. “Hey I got a new movie out”. “Hey I just wrote a book”. “Hey guess what? Sign up for my free offer”. I mean, that’s one way.

Once you realise that twitter is this, “hey, what are you doing? I’m in your town tomorrow, do you want a coffee?”. You’re having real conversations.

We’re talking about real life now.

Tweepsmap is my favourite site on the planet for two reasons; it’s really, really good, and they’ve given me a pro version for free.





….. but if you can’t afford the pro version, and you just like thetweet reach feature, you can go to and you can just do that.

What it’ll do is, it’ll measure your tweet reach.

How many people have the potential to see your tweets. They have a very robust free version. It’s the last 100 tweets in the last 24 hours. It might even be seven days. Then, if you’re really, really into it, for $20US, they’ll give you a full report of everyone.

There’s no limit, everyone that’s ever tweeted. There goes back 18 months or whatever.

So, that’s a segmented message there. Tweepsmap is a bit of a one stop shop, a bit like a supermarket or a department store. It does a bit of everything.

Tweet reach only does that. There is a free version, and there’s a paid version.

Now, I know you’ve been using this. What’s your experience apart from all my rambling? What’s your experience of this?


Tracey Gayner: I really, really use tweetreach just to catch up on, you know, the last 100 tweets, and just to give everyone just a little bit of a story that Keith helped me with a couple of night’s ago…I think it was a couple of night’s ago…I have a friend who is now a friend of Keith’s as well, he is 14 and currently had…well actually, had under a hundred people on his Youtube…oh sorry, he had over 100 people on his Youtube, and under a hundred followers on his twitter.

Within, I think the space of half an hour, and remembering that he’s got under a hundred followers, I used tweetreach and we tweeted a couple of times, both Keith and I, and thankfully, you know, Keith did retweeted this for him. He reached 44,000, nearly 45,000 accounts reached in less than half an hour.


Keith: Let me just explain what’s happened there. Your friend has got 100 followers, I’ve got 43,000 followers right?

So I retweet your friend with 100 followers, he now reaches 43,100 people, that’s what we call tweet reach. So, the secret with twitter is to connect and reciprocate, it’s not just one way, reciprocate and constantly be sharing, so that when it’s your place in the sun you can say, “can I call in that favour?

You know how I retweeted you a couple of times, would you mind speaking tomorrow? Can you just do that for me?”.

You’ll find people will undoubtedly help you whenever they can because if you get into the habit of being the sharer first, taking the initiative and saying, “look mate, you’ve got one in the bank.

Any time you need anything, you just let me know. Speaking, gig, writing a book, anything”. So, what you’ve said there is that, before we started retweeting, this really cool 14 year old kid with a Youtube channel, but with only 100 followers ‘cause the world doesn’t know how awesome he is yet…his name is (?) specifically because I know he’s going to want to listen to this and I want him to get excited.

Very, very specifically the world doesn’t yet know how awesome he is. I’ve now introduced him to my tribe, and some of my tribe will throw that up the line, and this is exactly what twitter does.

We take an anonymous but awesome person, in Auckland, New Zealand, and we throw him out to the world, and other people on the other side of the world are going, “mate, this is so cool”, and then they share it, and suddenly it blows up.

This is exactly how Justin Bieber got discovered. Continue with your story about the numbers ‘cause you used tweet reach to start that didn’t you?


Tracey: Yes I did, and I wanted to show him how and, you know, the quickest way to get stats to show exactly where your journey’s gone, or where your treats have gone.

It’s @zravesgaming and his name is Vinson, and his impressions, it was you know, in less than half an hour. Was over 52,000 impressions and over 44,000 accounts reached. Now, the average 14 year old just to, who is doing twitter like a business, because obviously the reason why I started to retweet this person was because on his Youtube channel he actually got picked up and got sponsored, just like Keith has.

He got sponsored by ‘No Scope Glasses’, and I said, “look, mate I’ll help you out, I’ve known you for a while so I’m just going to just retweet”. Then, what I did is, the fact Keith said, I kind of called in a favour, I said, “hang on Vinson, I’m sure that I’m just going to ask Keith and just say to him, ‘can you please retweet this for me?

This is my 14 year old friend, and he would like to get more exposure’. By the end of half and hour to an hour, I’m pretty sure that a 14 year old like, who’d never done that before, I’m pretty sure he freaked out.


Keith: The reason why I love what I love, and there’s 12 sites now, and as we venture into our facebook live show and do zoom videos and all these sorts of things, we may morph into talking about instagram and facebook live and periscope, and pokemon. But, this show is dedicated to twitter.

The reason why I love twitter specifically, is, you can take exactly that scenario, an anonymous but awesome, and let’s be very clear about that. He is awesome, but no-one yet knows about him right? We take this anonymous person, who has content which is very substantial, and we just basically introduce him to the world. I’ve got 43,000 people that haven’t heard of this person yet.

They now get a chance to see what he’s doing. Some of them will like it, and they will follow him, and some of them will then pass it on to their friends who will like it. This is how things go viral, as we call it. It’s actually quite a science. It’s not a join the dot sort of thing, it doesn’t always work, but when it does work, it’s beautiful to see isn’t it?


Tracey: Not only is it beautiful to see, but in this case, how did it actually help him? So, if we look at it afterwards, yes we did help him at the time with exposure, but afterwards he definitely got more followers.

My instagram account…his, by engagement is one of the top photos and things that I’ve put up there. His retweets have done well, and you know, it’s really exciting to see, like you said, someone who is anonymous but awesome. I love that anonymous but awesome. Going from, whoa basically, right through to go in less than half an hour just by saying, you know, “Keith, my friend said can you please retweet this for me”? And then, you know, you do that etc, etc, and it’s just been a real phenomenal journey.


Keith: Well, the thing that I’m very, very excited about is that I want to encourage people to create more content and believe that once the content is created, it will generate waves. I want to give you all a very clear example of how this happens.

On Monday this week, my latest guest blog post for ‘Miss Candy Blogger’, from New York, she’s a live streaming expert, she wrote a very, very good blog post comparing the differences between facebook live, facebook’s live streaming app, to periscope, twitter’s live streaming app.

She gave a very, very, very detailed analysis of that. So, I wrote a comprehensive blog post, well I turned her blog post into a  comprehensive sort of post, and then…this is really cool…I mentioned it to a friend of mine in Canada, who’s running an event in October.

Now, as a result of that blog post, she’s now speaking at that event. So, if you realize that this stuff actually happens, it’ll give you the confidence to create content. Good content, don’t just throw stuff out, don’t throw mud at the wall and wait for it to stick. Create content and trust that you will create waves, you’ll create ripples.

If you have a system which we’re teaching you in this series of podcast, you’ll have a robust idea of what to do after you create the content. I can’t help you create content, that’s not what I do. What I do is I take that content and I push it out. I create the ripples, I create the waves, I create the miracles.

We’re seeing this like every week now, aren’t we?


Tracey: Yeah, it’s amazing just how quickly things can be picked up. One of the biggest things that people say is, “oh, but twitter is just all noise. How can you discern from it”?

It’s not noise if you know what you’re looking for.


Keith: Yeah, which is why you use Tweetdeck and Hootsuite and Buffer for.


Tracey: Yes, and also, tweetreach has been great because I can then encourage people like Vinson to just pick it up and see how well that they’re going by their accounts that they’ve reached or by their exposure.

I mean, when I started, all that time ago, a couple of months ago with you Keith, I was like, “I’m not going to ever, you know, be able to have that kind of stuff that Keith does, because I’ve only got like 100 followers”.

Then all of a sudden, Keith I remember that one of the first time’s that you said, “oh, look this is your tweet reach”, and I was like that 14 year old kid, I was freaking out because all of a sudden I was like, “wow, people are actually following me”, I mean now, those kind of things are like, “yeah that’s wonderful, that’s awesome”, but I do love it, I love the connections, I love being able to see lovely stories like, you know, ‘Miss Candy Blog’, her’s is awesome, she’s really cool.

And of course, you know, Vinson Schuster’s stuff is brilliant. So, it’s been a really, really amazing two weeks.


Keith: Well, let’s play this out really clearly; on the 20th of April 2016, you had 171 followers and no system.


Tracey: That’s correct.


Keith: But, in 3 months time, 3 months, you now have something like 3600 followers.


Tracey: Yes.


Keith: I don’t know, I think it’s, 3584 followers.

Right, his exponential growth, with one idea, follow 30 people a day for 30 days. One idea, and this idea of this trust idea that, “ok, I’m creating content and I think it’s good, and I think people will benefit from that so I’m going to keep doing it”.

Then as people say, “it is good, I am benefiting from it, thank you”, you’re now starting to have a place in the world. Your content is valuable to others. You’re actually helping to discern, to dissect, if you like.

Which brings me to the ultimate point and that is that, you have a fantastic newsletter because you actually, you guest blog virtually everyday now. So, your newsletter actually takes that and discerns it, distills it into like, the highlights reel. So, if you want to see the blog, the blog is

At the moment, there is a really lovely box at the top that says, ‘Get the newsletter’, and the newsletter simply gives you a digested format of that. You can certainly go there any time and read what’s happening, and you’re doing stuff everyday.

You’ve now got a really lovely newsletter, and I’m very proud to say that as of today, we’re now starting a very, very concerted effort to put together another list of freebies for you, and they’ll be listed at,

At the moment that, that URL is my free ebook, which has been in existence for a year or so. It’s still good, I’m still very proud of that. But what we’re now going to do is, we’re going to do an updated version ‘cause this is now our fifth podcast.

The next one is going to be about twitter apps. How you can use your phone, or your tablet to do exactly what we’ve been discussing. So, if you go to you’ll find that at this moment there’s a free ebook there, but coming soon there’ll be lots and lots of other freebies.

You can also use #TwitterTips4Tourism to collate all of the blog posts and twitter tips, and podcasts..



GENESIS SCRIPT (Transcription Services)


What I also wanted to mention, and you briefly mentioned, but I want to give you some kudos here, I really love what you’re doing with the transcripts, so up until now…and this is something that all my podcasting mates will relate to, I love speaking and I hate writing.

So, what I’ve done is, I’ve put all of my podcasts, 164 so far, on soundcloud, and they sort of live there..


Tracey: That’s amazing. How many? How many Keith? 


Keith: 164 – That’s what I do, I love talking. I love talking, and I just push record.

I love being interviewed by people, and I love interviewing others, and this will become a podcast, so this will become number 165. So, given this exact scenario, we’ve had a chat, we’ve recorded it. I’ll put it on SoundCloud.

Up until now, and most of my friends, up until now, have simply sort of left it there in cyberspace without really any way to know what to do next.

What you’ve now done is, you’ve created a little offering at script nz to say, “ok, well if you would like us to transcribe that, we’ll do that. If you’d like us to write an article, that’s fine we’ll do that. We’ve even got graphics for you if you want”. Because, remember that only 20% of the world loves to hear things. 40% of the people want to read things. So, you’re missing out on that potential 40%.

Coming up very, very shortly we’re going to cater to the other 40% when we do videos. We’ll probably turn these podcasts into some lovely videos with images on them. We’re also going to start either a zoom show, which is not live, or a facebook live show with the split screen, when it comes to us. It hasn’t yet arrived in our countries.

But, so tell me a little bit about this transcription service and how it works and how people can benefit?


Tracey: Well, the transcription service, a friend of mine, Lai and I…she is amazing proof-reader, she works really, really hard at doing that. We’ve been doing transcriptions now for probably about a year in New Zealand, in and around New Zealand.

It was like, “well, let’s offer this, let’s do things, let’s help out people”, because you’re right, 164 is amazing amount of content, but if you can’t see it, or if google can’t pick it up, then it’s not going to…it’s just going to sit there, and people need to be able to see it, and if they’ve only got 2 minutes to spare, maybe they just want to read a really condensed, short blog article about it.

So, you know, Genesis Script is all about, from speech to the written word, so will transform it. We can transform and do wonderful things with your already amazing podcast.


Keith: Yeah, and I think ultimately the world needs to see things in different formats. 164 podcasts sitting on soundcloud. But, if you’re not into audios, you’re not going to hear what I’m on about.

There’s a whole section of the world that’s never yet heard of me because I haven’t got around to doing videos and transcripts until now. I have done a little bit of this in the past but now I’ve got a system.

We do a podcast, I edit it, I put it on soundcloud, you then create a transcript, I turn it into a blog. Now, that means that 60% other then 20%, 20+40 get to see and hear it. Eventually, the other 40% are going to actually be getting the videos too. So, we’ll be basically dominating the world.

I’ll sit on my laptop here in my home office and I’ll go viral.[laughs]


Tracey: Well, not just that Keith.

But, it’s been really interesting, one of the biggest experiments that we’ve done with these podcasts has been, “ok, we’ve made it into a transcript, and you put it on your blog.

Then I make it into a blog post, an actual article and then put it onto my blog.

Then we’ve been tweeting these to find out which one people like, and so far it’s kind of 50/50 isn’t it?


Keith: It is, it’s sort of, the jury’s out. This is what I really recommend, we’re giving you twitter tools today to make all of these easier. But, the ultimate idea is that you’ve got to test and measure.

I love podcasting, and transcripts work for me.

So, I have a podcast up the top and the transcript underneath. Tracey’s really talented at writing, so she takes that podcast and that transcript, and turns it into a written article, in the way that written articles are supposed to be, and she puts that on her blog post. Side by side they look totally different, but the exact same information.

A speck, or relate to different tribes, different. Many people have said to me, “I love the look of your podcast up the top, but you know, I’m not going to scroll through you talking in question and answer. So, I actually read Tracey’s article, but I listen to your podcast. Can you find a way to combine both”?


Tracey: We better find a place soon. So, maybe might be just the place where we will meld absolutely everything together in this wonderful friendly vault.


Keith: It will actually be that, and I think eventually if you go to and eventually spring into social media, ‘cause it’s coming into spring, I know it’s only July.


Tracey: Yay!


Keith: I know I’m getting a little bit too excited, but I get these glimmers of sun sometimes throughout the day, and I’m thinking, “now springs not far away”.


Tracey: No, not too far.


Keith: When it comes, I always get a burst of energy and I know that is going to turn into something really, really lovely.

That’s about six weeks away from the day of this recording.

But, if you listening to it later, it’ll probably already be there.

So, let’s wrap it up there. Today’s been about twitter tools, as the desktop experience, for people working from an office.

That’s still quite a sizeable amount of people. Next week, or next time we’re going to be talking about twitter apps. Tracey uses quite different apps to me.

She has an iPhone, I have an android. She also has a tablet.

So, we’re actually going to be pulling apart how you can do all this stuff on the go, which is increasingly becoming more and more important. Any last thoughts before we wrap up?


Tracey: I just have to say that, now I’m actually really enthused to go and try ‘Buffer’.

So, maybe by next time…I actually, to be honest, a small confession here…I do actually have Buffer on my mobile. I just don’t use it on the desktop so maybe—


Keith: Well hopefully what’s happened here is that it will encourage people to try tweepsmap and tweet reach and buffer and hootsuite. But, one thing that I’ve challenged Tracey to do, and she’s going to come back to me the next time…she has an iphone, but she also has an android.

She’s going to try to see that the apps that she loves on her iphone, work on the android. ‘Cause that’s one of the things that android users always find frustrating. Some apps come late, or never, to android. Some apps never arrive in the android store.

That really pisses me off ‘cause I’ve got a Samsung S4 which I love, and I just don’t have access to some of the really great apps that are iPhone only.

So, you’re going to do that experiment for us. Next week we’re going to pull it apart. Each of these podcasts is a learning lesson.


Tracey: Yeah.


Keith: It’s all about sharing what we know so that people can learn and keep moving. If you want to know more, just go to and we’ve got heaps and heaps of freebies for ya!!