Wendy Fore interviews Keith Keller about his “Top Twitter Tools” and explores how you can use these tools for maximum effect as well as ways to get more engagement on Twitter while driving customers to your website or product.


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Wendy: Hello everybody this is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery and you’re joining me on Cash Life Mastery Social juice. Well today we’re going to be talking about how to use Twitter Tools to grow your business. So this is Twitter Tools for Newbie’s and today our co host is Keith Keller and he is the Twitter king and he is going to be filling us in, I believe Keith you said you have 10 tips today or 10 tools that we can use on Twitter to help grow our business. So I am really looking forward to today because Twitter tools is something that a lot of people don’t know about, they don’t know how to use it.

Keith: Okay so first things first, this series of podcasts is called Twitter tips for newbie’s, so if you want to know anything about, anything that we’ve been talking about in this series, and we’ve done quite a few now. I want you to use the #Twitter tips 4 newbie’s, with the numeral 4 and all of the blogs and the podcasts, and the videos, and the transcripts will all be there in a line, for you to you know take part in at your leisure, because you may not be able to come in live. But my name is Keith Keller and my website is I have a completely free e-book there no strings attached and of course you can follow me on Twitter @keithkeller.

Wendy: Awesome Keith do let’s get started with the 10 tools because I know everybody is dying to know.

Keith: So a couple of things that people want to know is,

  • They want to know how to curate their Twitter feed? I’ve got a really good lead for that.
  • They want to know about how to automate their Twitter feed? I’ve got a really good lead for that one.
  • They want to analyse what’s working? I’ve got a really good lead for that and
  • They want to know just in general what are the best Twitter marketing tools?

So my favourite tool, this is the one I’m using every day, every single day is a site called ‘’ and I’ll tell you why I love it, there is an obsession with how do I get more followers, I need more followers, I don’t care about if I know them, if I like them, if I chat to them, I just want that big number, so measures how many people are re-tweeting you , how many people are active in the Twitter verse today and are re- tweeting you, and are consuming your content, or have the potential to consume your content, what I like is the concept called Freemium, where there is a robust free version which gives you a bit of a sample of what is available and then for a monthly fee you can upgrade to the pro version.  Tweet reach has the really robust freemium model which measures the last 100 tweets in any 24 hour period or longer if you’re not tweeting very often, and it gives you a score. How many people re-tweeted me, and how many followers do they have? And if you want to , it’s up to you, but if you want to you can upscale and get a report for $20, it’ll tell you everyone who has ever re- tweeted you up until I think a maximum of 15000 tweets amazing. It might be 1500 tweets but the point is it gives you a very robust look at what’s happened over the course of a week or ten days rather than just one day. I’m always going to be quoting this freemium model because I think it’s important that when you’re curating a tool you’ve got to give people a bit of a look at it. Have you heard of this site Wendy? Have you heard of the concept of Tweet Reach?  

Wendy: Oh yes I’ve heard of Tweet Reach.

Keith: Great, well I love it and I want you to try it today and my highest score is so far is 3.4 million people had the potential to see my tweets on any one day about three weeks ago, but I have regularly reached one million and often reached two million.

Wendy: Another site which is very, very similar to what you are saying is

Keith: Oh okay

Wendy: But it is a paid site now, it used to be free but they have just sent me a message saying that in the next seven days they are going to be a paid membership.

Keith: Okay so they’ve given you a bit of a free teaser but now they’re going to a paid version, and one of the things I might mention is that if you’re listening to this in any more than four weeks from now any of these sites could have closed down, because they do, they change, they get bought out or they change to a paid model and that is obviously what’s happened with

My second one is ‘Buffer’ now this is very, very important because a lot of; and I will talk about these other sites later as a favour to others. I personally don’t use ‘Hootsuite’ or ‘Tweetdeck’ but I’m going to talk about them because other people use them a lot because I personally don’t like them, but ‘Buffer’ is my favourite site other than ‘Tweet Reach’, I’ll tell you why, it’s simple, it’s fast, it’s affordable, it is very, very robust, I’m going to use that word a lot because it’s important that they have a strong free model, you can actually tweet 10 times in your buffer, if you want to think about it this way imagine putting content in a bucket and then you decide you know every day at 3 O’ clock , 7 O, clock and 12 O’ clock I want you to take something from that bucket and throw it into the Twitter verse, it’s a buffer right. The actual site is ‘’, so basically you come across a piece of content and you think I like this, I might tweet it now, but I’m also going to send it out tomorrow, or you know you have your tweets scheduled so that they go out three or four times a day and you’ve got them in a line. So I have the pro version, the pro version  is $10, for $10 a month you can have unlimited tweets in your Buffer, unlimited, never run out. So basically you come across a piece of content you cut and paste, you put it in your Buffer. It takes about 10 seconds. I know people who used to sit down for about half a day and schedule out content for a week and that idea makes me sick. Makes me sick because I tried doing it, I tried it.  

Wendy: A lot of us that have to manage their social media will use; like I use ‘Sociocaster’, which will manage my Facebook, my Twitter and my Linkedin account so that way I can combine them you know, so when you combine them it’s a little bit more useful than if you’re just doing one. If you’re just doing Twitter then I would actually use ‘Bufferapp’ I like buffer for Twitter.

Keith: So tell me about Sociocaster and how does it compare to say ‘Tweetdeck’ or say ‘Hootsuite’, why do you prefer it?

Wendy: It’s very similar to them, but I just like the way that it’s laid out better, I just, I can follow it better.

Keith: Yep, and what’s their model? Is there a free version and then a paid model or does it go straight to paid?

Wendy: It’s a paid program that you buy

Keith: How much is it? Is it a one off fee or a monthly fee?

Wendy: It’s just a one off, yeah I bought it when they first came out so I have no idea what they’ve gone up to now?

Keith: That idea of a one off fee is a very reasonable alternative to the monthly ongoing fee idea.

Wendy: Yeah

Keith: If you only have to pay for something once like ‘Freshkey’ is $49.95 one off fee. It’s the best 50 bucks I’ve ever spent because “Freshkey’ allows me to check what people are checking for on Amazon and Google and Bing and it allows me to check my blog posts and slightly smoothes them around so that I can get traction on what people are looking for, no point blogging if no one is looking for what you are talking about. I’ll check out Socialcaster now that I have heard you talk about it and I haven’t had a chance to use it, but for a one off fee that’s a very, very good idea, so that’s the second one buffer allows you to schedule your tweets this is what a lot of people are asking about, can I order make this process I’m so stressed by all this tweeting I have to do, or this interaction I have to do on all the sides, so I personally use buffer.

The third one I want to talk about, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this one, I love this, I love it, it’s called ‘’, now what it does it tell you where your followers are, now that’s really important to me because only 8% of Ausies even like Twitter 92% of people don’t use Twitter in Australia. 92% and about 88% really actively dislike it if you ask anyone roaming on the street. So I can’t make a living teaching Ausies about twitter, I just can’t, I just can’t get Ausies excited, so this ‘Tweepsmap’ site allows me to work out well actually 54% of my following is in L.A, or New York or in America, in the U.S or North America, so I hang out with them, they love it, they hear more. They are actually actively pursuing me to come and do speaking gigs and write blog posts and make videos for them, and do all these sorts of things, so why go and try and bash your head against people that aren’t listening when this site tells you where all your sites are where all your people are? I can tell you for sure 54% of my following is in the U.S, 8% is in Canada, I have more followers in L.A than the whole of Australia.

Wendy: You know if you know where all your followers are then that way you can schedule your tweets during their most beneficial time zone.  

Keith: I’ll go even deeper this site is so cool; it goes even deeper, so when you sign up to get a test you just go into and put in your Twitter handle and your email address and that sends you a really robust graph. This is like well here is the graph, it looks really lovely 8% in Canada and 3% in South Africa, then once a week this is so cool, once a week it will send you an email saying guess what happened this week, you have this many followers and unfortunately you have this many un-followers but this is the town the actual city that got you the most this week, and this is the city that got you the least.  

Wendy: Wow

Keith: So this week Toronto really got me, so I mandated to start tweeting for Toronto and I just start Tweeting in Toronto time rather than Austin Texas which didn’t really get my stuff this week, they didn’t really like it, so it’s only an hour’s difference I think or two hours, but the point is that if I’m really, really, really, thumping it in Toronto, but not so much in Austin and I get the choice can you come to Austin and we’ll pay your way or can you come to Toronto do a gig? I’ve got a choice I know and this is what we’re talking about today, we’re talking about tools to help you decide where to spend your time. I could go to Austin Texas but they are not into me there, I could go to Toronto and I’d have three people lined up at the Airport begging me to sleep on their couch, because I’ve got good mates, there, good mates in Toronto, and that would help me, you know I would do a gig at the Holiday Inn and go to the TIFF you know the Toronto International Film festival, and would probably take me to the Niagara Falls, and it’s a matter of managing your time, I’m exaggerating to make a point, but the point is you get an email in your inbox sent to you for free, that tells you that in this week Toronto was really thumping it with your material, so hang out there more. Now they have a paid model and I’m not exactly sure what it is, I think it’s based on how many followers you have that they charge you a monthly fee depending on your following level, but it’s a very, very, very comprehensive site for lots and lots of stats and so it has both, you can use it for free, but you can also use it to do other things.

The Fourth one and this is very, very important in twitter, so visuals are very important on Twitter, I’m going to put that in capitals and I’ll say it again, put it on revert, say it, shout out on top of the empire state building “visuals are very important on Twitter”. So a very, very cool site called ‘Twitshot’ has made it really, really simple for you to share visuals. What it does is you simply paste in the URL of the actual site that you want to look at and it will suck out all of the visuals that are on that page for you and create a tweet and you just pick the shot you like, now before this you just have to go to you know your bank of videos or your photos, and you have to go to some really lovely site and find a really lovely photo and it’s really time consuming, really, really time consuming. So this one Twitshot which I actually used free, I don’t even think they have a paid up scheme, I just haven’t worked that out how to pay them any money, I don’t think there’s any way, may be they want to be bought out like Tweetdeck was or something, and just get sold down the line, but the point is it’s a lovely site it allows you and you’ll probably notice if you see my feed that almost all of my tweets now have visuals in them, because the stats are ballistic.

Wendy: And I think that holds true in any social media now days, that you know the visuals are becoming more and more important. I’m just wondering with this Twitshot is there any way to tell if like a picture does better than a video on Twitter?

Keith: It doesn’t allow you to add a video it only allows you to add pictures but I do know that videos do perform better, that’s a totally different discussion, I know that for sure, videos are the highest performing add on twitter if you can add a little video from your camera, if you can add a GIF

Wendy: And I think that’s for all social media, now days, you know video king so 

Keith: Video really is king, this is one of the reasons I love Blab so much, this is one of the reasons I love Blab so much. This format is very authentic for me, I love speaking, I love talking, but I love talking in a conversational way, I personally don’t resonate with a periscope or Meerkat or Facebook live or even Snapchat, but I know those formats are really popular, I mean extremely popular if you really want to do that.

I want to talk about Hootsuite quickly because I want to give it homage because millions of people love it, it’s got a fairly robust free version and it’s very cheap to upscale, it allows you to use all your social media sites and it’s about I think $7.95 a month US. I personally find it very clunky but I know lots and lots of people that love it, so just to be fair on everyone I think you need to at least try it.

Here’s what I love, I love Gremln, now Gremln is exactly the same, Gremln without an I, is exactly the same as Hootsuite, but for some reason I just prefer that flavour. It’s exactly the same, I think the cost structure is the same, and there is a robust free version and I just seem to like the colours better, the functionality is better, it’s identical, it’s the Pepsi Cola versus Coke Cola idea. Identical but try that one and see what you think, it’s easy to use and you can use it for free.

Here’s one you may not have heard of although it’s more commonly used as an app ‘Crowdfire’. The most common use of ‘Crowdfire’ is to create those really, really, really in capital letters ‘SPAMY’ the m’s that same “hello! Thank you for following I’ve got an e-book via @Crowdfire “hello! I know you don’t know me and you hate the m’s but here is a little present for you okay, you’ve just saved a heap of time  I want you to promise me, anyone listening to this show that you’ll stop doing it, because it’s wrong, it’s wrong, everyone hates it, hates it, other than the people that are doing it, because they are saving time, everyone hates automatic dm’s that’s not technically true not everyone hates them, some people don’t mind them, but no one loves them.   

Wendy: It’s how you set up your automatic DM because if you use it to say hello thank you for following me, I appreciate it, I appreciate you and you’re not pushing something to them immediately upon them joining you on Twitter, I think it’s a little bit more acceptable. So it’s how you use this automatic DM to me.

Keith: Right I’m happy for you to have that thought and I’m not going to argue with you about it on a public forum but that’s not my opinion.

Wendy:  [Laughs]

Keith: I hate them, I hate everything about them, I hate everything about them. I want everyone in the world to stop using them, but of course some people like using them and that’s okay it’s not a dictatorship, it’s just a suggestion, but what Crowdfire does and this is what I’d like to mention about Crowdfire, what Crowdfire does really, really well is, it tells you who has un-followed you in the last week. And that can be handy to know if you notice your numbers are going up and skewing funny and you’re thinking hang on, hang on, last week I had 600 followers and now I’ve just got 540 followers. Why is that people are un-following me who are they? And that gives you an indication look am I tweeting too much? Talking too much rubbish? Am I not tweeting enough? Am I tweeting too much spamy stuff? And it gives you a chance again to track what’s working. What happens most of the time is that people will follow you and then un-follow you  after three days and that doesn’t bother me at all, but it’s when people un-follow me after they have been engaged and you think oh gees what did I do wrong to offend them?

Wendy: Right

Keith: And sometimes I even contact them and say did I do something wrong? Was it an accident? Did you hit the button by mistake or did I piss you off? And I so let me know because I don’t want to piss you off, I want to do the right thing. So it’s a way of managing your Twitter feed so you can engage conversations with really, really cool people. A lot of people talk about curation, how can I make my Twitter feed look like something else, like a newspaper or; how can I curate it so that it looks really lovely. Now my favourite site for this is there are a number of them Storify, Feedly, but, you want to see this done really, really well, I want you to go to this site Twitter 4 creative’s , because I created one, I like doing this I like creating little demos. Twitter 4 creative’s is my now has again two, a premium model, you can have t for free forever, but there are ads n the side and you can’t put in a banner, but for $9 a month you can add your own banner and you get lots more functionality and you can take out the ads and put in your own ad for your e-book or your event, or for your blab and so it’s just a matter of deciding whether that’s a good spend $9 a month. and go to Twitter 4 creative’s always with a numeral 4. Have you ever wondered has that person really got 845000 followers, I mean I’ve never heard of him, how do they get 845000 followers, I’ve never heard of him maybe I’m just not in that loop, but allows you to score someone out of a 1000 based on their kredibility, kredibility with a K. So basically my score, I’m very proud of this 945 out of a 1000, so I’m you know 94.5 % a real person, so Kred is very similar to Klout with a  K , but Klout’s score is out of a 100 this one, as I said my score is 945 over 10 so if you come across someone who you want to do J.V with and you’re thinking well I’m not convinced they didn’t buy their followers, because you can buy followers like for $59 a 100,000. I’m not convinced they are really talking the real talk it gives you a score out of a 1000 my score is 945 and it gives you a score out of 12 , my score is 10. What that means is how often do the share, how nice are they in the Twitter verse, are they just talking about just me, me, me, or do they sometimes share and that means 12 times, out of every 12 tweets that I do 10 of them I share for others, now that’s about right I’m always sharing, but if you come across someone with a score of 800 / 4 you might think well they are quite popular, but they never share anyone’s stuff,

Wendy: Right, right

Keith: It’s an incredibly useful site, a bit higher level. This site ‘Tweet Jukebox’ have you heard of it?    

Wendy:  Yes  

Keith: It’s a very cool site, it’s actually quite similar to buffer, I don’t think it’s as good as buffer but I will mention it for a couple of reasons one is jukebox is again like these buckets. What you can do is you can have two buckets, two Jukeboxes for free and you can segment things, so if you might want to tweet a quote once a day and Twitter has got to know where to take that tweet from. You might want to tweet about your events once a day and Twitter has got to know where to take that tweet from. So they’ve set up this idea called jukeboxes you get two jukeboxes free and it’s already set up pre conditioned for the juke box no.1 is just chocker block full of quotes if you just turn your jukebox on, it will tweet twice a day cool quotes, you don’t have to do anything, but I think it’s $10 a month, you can have I think might be unlimited Jukeboxes. So you might want a jukebox for events, you might want a jukebox for blabs, you might want a jukebox for quotes, you might want a jukebox for other people’s tweets and that’s an interesting story because you know when you get this ratio right you might think okay you know once a day I’m going to tweet my favourite quote from my favourite Twitter dude, but you’ve got to tell Twitter what to do and this is a very, very handy way to segment your list, and these tools all of the 10 that we’ve tweeted about today and I’m going to put this into a very, very comprehensive blog post is a way of managing your social media experience, in particular we’re talking about Twitter today. Is that helpful? Wendy do you think there’s anything you’d like to cover up, because I’ve gone on a bit.     

Wendy: I mean there are just so many tools and it’s probably almost to the point  now that there is so much out there that we could be using, we need to like almost have a blab about how to breakdown and use each one, but the point of today guys is to let you guys know you know what is out there for you to go and investigate and see what works best for your Twitter feed. So like Keith says there are so many more, so may be on another blab we’ll try to bring you some more Twitter tools on another day that we haven’t covered today, but it’s like I say go out there and start investigating on them and that’s why we’ve done the research, we’ve given you the links, so go out there and start checking into them and see what works for you. Like Keith said some of them are free, some of them are; you have to pay for the service, but it seems like most of them are very, very reasonable and that will help you grow your business and grow your business quicker. So guys we’re going to wrap up the podcast right now. Keith tell everybody how t reach you and we’ll get going

Keith: Okay so I’m on Twitter of course, Keith Keller, I really do want you to go and get my free e-book I’m very proud of that I’ve put a lot of work into that and a lot of what I’ve chatted about today is there and please follow the #Twitter tips 4 newbie’s

Wendy: Awesome Keith thank you and my name is Wendy Fore from Cash Life Mastery and you’ve been joining Cash Life Mastery Social juice, and if you want to reach out to me, you can reach me on Cash Life Mastery on Facebook, message me there and I will message you right back we do business coaching, social media and animated video guys, so let us know your needs and we’ll be glad to help you, just send us a message, and we will see you on blab on Thursday 1:30 P.M for our blogging training so guys make sure you join us on Cash Life Mastery social juice for blogging 1:30 on Thursday and that’s Eastern time guys, have a great one and make sure you join us back on Monday night 7:00 P.M for more Twitter business information have a great one guys.

Keith: See you later.





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