Thinking “OUTSIDE THE BOX” About Marketing

Aroa Vargas (Twitter)

Guest Blog Post By Aroa Vargas (@AtreveteconelMK)

When we are talking about thinking out of the box, we are talking about a metaphor that means to think differently. It means approaching problems in new, innovative ways; conceptualizing problems differently; and understanding your position in a way you’d never thought of before.

The easiest way to understand what means think outside the box is think different. If we continue doing the same that we always do, we are not thinking outside the box, if not inside.

How to do it? As somebody says, “you think outside the box when you’re removing yourself from any and all preconceived notions or ideas about how it has been done before”

Brainstorm, re-conceptualize the problem, daydream, pay attention to other’s people ideas or even give yourself some basic parameters may help you to think outside the box.

Something that also inspires me to talk to you about this was the talk by Giovanni Corazza at TedxRoma:  How to get out of the box and generate ideas.

In this talk, Giovanni Corazza tells us why we need to go out of the box, how do we get out of the box, when is a good idea to think out of the box and much much more.

“Going out of the box is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for us & our dignity as human beings” 

How Aroa Vargas Describes Herself!! (English) (Spanish) 

Aroa Vargas

When I started the university I already knew how much I loved Marketing, for this reason, I decided to study a Marketing degree.

Nowadays, I graduated in Marketing by Rey Juan Carlos University, in Madrid; and I’m blogger of one of the things I most passionate in the world: The Marketing.

I consider myself a a dynamic, ambitious, daring, enthusiastic and passionately curious person. Maybe for this reason, I love what Albert Einstain says:  

“I don’t have any special talent, I am only passionately curious”

Although I like to say that I am writer in inspiration’s times, it’s true that curiosity and motivation are the engines that run the inspiration.

Serendipity,  as the unexpected accident that marked my past and still surprising in the present. Consolidating my own way based on lucky accidents did not expect to find; The Marketing was one of them.

In the process of becoming the best version of myself: my own personal brand.

I think that passion, hard work and dedication you can achieve anything you set your mind! 

After all, what counts is the attitude that you put every day!

Marketing, creativity, music, entertainment, photography, sports, languages, travelling, new experiences .. Many people insist on separate the professional from the personal, in my case, I’m sorry but I think they are closely related.

Finding something that provides value and differentiation to our personal brand requires a long time, I mean, our personal brand is also built with our personal experiences. A process that has just begun, and starts strong!!