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Content Creation Versus Content Curation (Video) 





The whole world is buzzing about Content Marketing - producing great new content to keep you and your brand visible and “top of mind”.

For anyone who has a major competitor that spends thousands of dollars creating gorgeous new content every couple of hours, you’ll understand just how impossible content marketing can seem.

We have a client with a specialist hair salon.

She is a small business competing against a very large prestigious salon in an exclusive suburb that employs a dozen hairdressers.

Not only does her rival have a salon in Melbourne, they also have salons in other capital cities too.

Online her competitor is the industry leader.

For our client, her competitor out publishes her in Content Marketing every time in every channel.

So instead of focusing on content creation to keep pace with her competitor, we’ve begun to aggregate and curate other people’s content.

Injecting that into her Twitter stream.

Watching for content already in circulation that will keep her audience engaged, and that best fits her business goals.


The value of aggregating & curating content


(1) You are perceived to be relevant and up-to-date in all areas of your industry

When it takes you a long time to create your own content, you’ll always be out of date compared to your rivals.


(2) You dramatically increase the amount of content and how frequently you post

Using other people’s content as your source you can now out publish even the biggest competitors.


(3) Your content creation focus is on your own offers and CTAs when creating content

Other people’s content does the education and inspiration part of Content Marketing for you.


(4) Your marketing budget goes further

With the benefit of other people content your increased activity attracts more attention without having to spend more.


Why aggregated & curated content works well on Twitter



(1) Twitter is a “broadcast” style of social network that has a 24/7 multi-time zoned global audience.

The volume of tweets you share over a 24-hour period can be as high as you want without your audience feeling “spammed”.


(2) The scrolling nature of a Twitter timeline means that it never feels stale.

From the perspective of your audience the same tweet text with a different attached pic or rich media is a brand new fresh tweet.

You can even share the same thing over and over (with or without subtle changes) and not experience audience fatigue.


(3) Twitter respects hashtags and that makes finding your tweets easier.

By using your own hashtags for aggregated and curated content you are giving it a new identity.

That means it is gets seen by a new audience and can be found in completely new contexts by others.


(4) Twitter allows multiple pics to be added to a tweet, 280 characters and a link.

This is a lot of message real estate that can be used for sharing someone else’s content and still have plenty left for your own.


The Twitter Sentinel Circulation Strategy


This is a very useful for businesses with limited marketing budgets and those in niches with a dominant market leader.

In particular, we’ve found it useful for businesses in industries with a long sales cycle or with complex products or services - science, art, intellectual, abstract.

Think astronomers, surgeons, pharmacists, political advisers, philosophers, art critics, theatre companies, choreographers that sort of thing.



Sentinel Circulation Tips


Using this strategy successful as part of your content marketing mix, requires some attention.

First you want to be sure that the tweets you create will do a good job of getting attention and engagement.


Five Tips for create powerful content for Twitter


(A) Use “visual social” tactics for your tweets.


Make sure that everything you share goes out with an image or rich media.

Hear a piece of information, and 3 days later you’ll remember 10% of it.

Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%


(B) Use visual content for big messages.


Images and short video clips give you more “real estate” than just the 280 characters and these formats also help you “STAND OUT” out on the timeline.

Video is especially powerful on Twitter now and you have up to 140 seconds to communicate your story.

So take advantage of this amazing opportunity wherever possible.


(C) Use hashtags and location tags for your tweets.


Being findable is vital on social networks so using hashtags and location tags help people discover you as well as confirm why they follow you.


(D) Use “visual branding” to make your tweets instantly recognisable.


Create visual social elements using shape, font, colour, photo filter or a layout in your individual style for consistent memorable tweets.


(E) Use a CTA that’s easy and desirable.


Get your Followers to click and engage with your offers by using action-oriented benefits driven CTAs (Calls To Action) 


Some Example CTAs


Watch Right Now

Estimate My Repayment

Get Started Now

Join a Webinar

Get Ticket Pricing

Show My Status

View Programs

Compare Treatment Options

Calculate Now



Next you need to find other places where you can find good content to aggregate or curate.


Content Sources that increase the value of your Twitter account 


(1) Education


A large part of Content Marketing is about providing your audience with an education.

Where ever possible find industry bodies, government agencies and respected experts who are already doing this in your industry or niche and leverage their content.

Bringing it together in thoughtful ways that tell better stories.


(2) Complimentary Markets


Your audience may already really like a particular highly respected brand that is complimentary to your business.

A cleaning company that aligns themselves to Dyson, or a legal firm that aligns to GoPro for instance.

Combining how someone else and you go together really well creates great compelling stories to share.

Just make sure you do the research to check that the brand you choose doesn’t have any “skeletons in the closet” and you yourself like what they stand for.


(3) The Numbers


To give you a supply of current and topical content every industry has someone who keeps track of important numbers, events and statistics.

Starting a story with a simple statistic can be incredibly powerful and very retweetable.

An added bonus; these organisations and individuals tend to be well respected and often quoted by journalists.


(4) The News  


Journalists are going freelance and have begun specializing in niches within industries.

Look for the journalists in your space that have the right vibe for you and your brand.

Make your own “Moments” by sharing their content with reply comments and tweets.


(5) Thought Leaders


There are individuals in some industries who become regarded as leaders because of the ideas they share.

UK Physicist Brian Cox is a science example and American Entertainer Lady Gaga is a fashion and art commentator.

Add you opinion to their latest idea to become part of a bigger conversation with a larger audience.

Though, you need to watch out, as high profile thought leaders do attract detractors and trolls.

After that it’s down to you and the tools you use to make your social media marketing life as easy as possible.





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