5 Top Tools To Manage Your Social Media Content

Social media is fast paced and requires you to keep up with all that noise. If you’re not posting regularly and engaging with your followers, then they’ll move on. From engagement, to finding content to market, social media can take up a lot of your time. If you’re having trouble keeping up or are new to social media, these tools can help you manage the content you find online.

Social media is all sharing relevant content as well as engaging with your community. You need to create a balance of sharing other’s content as well as your own. Content that is new, high quality and directly related to your business and followers.

Searching for relevant content is the key to embracing content marketing on social media. But when you find content, it needs to be shared at the best times for your audience, and not all at once.


Now For Those Fantastic Tools We Promised You!!



Pocket is a great tool that’s been a fairly recent addition to my suite of social media apps. Firstly, it allows you to store all your blog posts so that you can share them more easily.

Secondly, when you come across an article that is relevant to your followers, you can save it and share with another app to schedule at a time that suits.

When you find something of interest, copy the link then share to Pocket. Or, after you’ve copied the link, open Pocket, and you will be prompted with an option to save. You’ll get a saved list of articles you can share or schedule for later.

You can also view the recommend tab which displays relevant content to what you’ve been posting. Plus, you can follow other users, add favourite articles, recommend articles and add tags.



Instapaper is an app available for both iOS and Android and also features a desktop extension for saving while you’re web browsing too. This app lets you save any page you come across so you can read or share it later. Each article is downloaded with links and images and can be shared with a number of apps you may already use for social media.




Evernote is also a tool to save links to content you’ve found useful and want to read later. It also allows you to create notebooks to store and manage different content – a bit like folders. So you can store your articles by topic and do this as you’re saving them to Evernote.

Another feature is that you can store images and audio, plus add tags and locations These additional features mean that it can be used as a swipe file for referring to later on and the notebook option is extremely useful for this type of use.




Buffer Chrome Extension works in a similar way. However, it’s only available for desktop use. Buffer allows you to share to different social media platforms and can be used for scheduling posts. The Buffer Chrome Extension, once downloaded, allows you to save any article you come across directly to our Buffer.

As you’re saving you do need to schedule or share at that point. It doesn’t give you the option to save them all to read later. If you’re using the desktop version, it does allow you to power schedule the link to multiple profiles and at multiple times for the one post.




Readability is similar to Instaper. With one share the web article is saved straight to the app. You can add an article to a favourite list within the app. Available on iOS and Android and desktop though the mobile versions have limited functionality.

Once you’ve saved links, you can access them in the desktop version for sharing. You can share via Twitter, Facebook, Email, Kindle and create an ePub version.

You can also email a list of article URLs to your account which will directly save these to your list. Though this needs to initially be set up within the desktop version.




As you can see there’s many alternatives for saving your content to share later. Some work better than others. Which works best for you will depend on whether you need a mobile app or desktop version and where you’re going to share your content. Either way, the key to managing content is to have a library of relevant and quality articles ready to go.


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