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Recently Twitter rolled out a new subscription based model for promoting your tweets and your profile.

You may have heard about this or received some marketing materials about the variations available.

So accordingly, here is a basic run down of the main features on offer.


What Is The Twitter $99 Promotional Plan?


The new Twitter subscription based plan is perfectly suited to individuals and small businesses.

The plan has been developed to promote tweets and increasing the following of a Twitter account without creating ads or managing dedicated campaigns.

Twitter already provides a hassle free way to run ads and promotional campaigns.

While marketers can still use those tools, the new promotional plan will do it all in an totally automated way, saving you heaps of time.

This will come as a big relief for those who find it hard to manage their promotional campaigns.

At the moment the program costs $99 per month with a free one month trial to try out the features.


How Does It Work?


After getting your one month subscription, you can use Twitter the way you normally do.

Twitter will automatically select your tweets and promote them to their audience for you.

The promotion will done on the basis of either your interest OR your chosen location 

(not both at this stage)




Twitter only supports the main metro areas in US at this stage.




This feature can be very handy for targeting local customers or run a location specific promotion.

Afterward, users will be listed under the “Promoted Account campaign” for a month.

You can send up to 10 tweets a day to be considered for Twitter’s native promotional activity.

However, retweets, replies, and quoted tweets won’t be considered for the promotion so do some experimenting.


How Do I Begin?


If you have already received an invitation email from Twitter, then simply follow the instructions to start your free trial.

Since the plan is still in its beta phase, only limited users are being invited to test it.

If you are one of the lucky one, simply follow these steps to begin:


(1)  Fill the form to enroll yourself in the subscription plan.

(2)  You will receive an email like this from Twitter, stating the confirmation of your plan.

It will also include the trial duration of the subscription.

(3)  Afterward, you can use Twitter the way you like.

We recommend you to be more active on Twitter and post as much original and relevant content as you can.

(4)  Your tweets will be automatically promoted while targeting a location or your provided interest.

(5)  Twitter will also send a bi-weekly report regarding your promotional activities.

It will include stats related to your content’s engagement, impression, reach, follower count, and more.

(6)  The free trial will end after 30 days. It will automatically be renewed with a charge of $99 a month.

Don’t worry, you can cancel this at anytime if you feel it is not working for you.


How Is It Different From Twitter Ads & Campaigns?


Since it is a highly automated program, it will save you the hassle of creating dedicated Twitter ads yourself.

Instead of working on campaigns, handpicking the audience, running ads, and taking care of almost anything related to your Twitter marketing strategy, you simply need to use the social media platform as per your requirements.

Twitter will automatically select your updates and promote them to improve its reach. It will also boost your follower count as well.

Therefore, you don’t need to run separate ads to work on your follower count to run campaigns for increasing the reach of your content.

Additionally, since it is a flat $99 monthly plan, you don’t have to worry about your marketing budget.

By investing as little as $99 per month, you can promote your content on Twitter while saving yourself valuable time and effort.


A Warning For Twitter Ads Users 


If you have been relying on Twitter’s native ads to promote your content, then you need to think twice before starting this monthly subscription based promotional plan.

To participate in the beta plan, your existing ads account won’t be accessible anymore.

Therefore, you need to sign up for a new account to work on ads and campaigns at the same time.


Why The Monthly Promotional Plan?


Even though Twitter has only introduced its promotional plan recently, marketers are already excited about the possibilities.

Plenty of brands and celebrities are using Twitter everyday to reach out to their audience.

Almost every major digital marketer has used Twitter to run a contest or hashtag campaign and it is still a viable solution for building your brand presence.


The Takeaway


Since it is an affordable plan with a $99 flat rate, it can be accessed by individuals and small business owners alike.

Furthermore, with this fully automated plan, people who have no or limited knowledge of Twitter can also use it to gain productive results.

All of this makes this new subscription plan a total catch!!

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and sign up for the promotional plan right away and explore it on your own.

Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments.



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