How To Become The Social Media Rockstar

Making The Commitment By Karen Repoli

You need to know why you want to be a social media rock star.  Then you need to make the commitment to put that at the center core of all your marketing and entrepreneurial efforts.  Making the commitment involves:

  • Keeping up with the latest news, trends and fads
  • Creating a viable plan to increase your reach and popularity
  • Maintaining a consistent presence within your target audience’s view

To see if you are ready to rock the social media stage, answer the following questions:

(1) I want to be a social media rock star because:

(a) I live and breathe social networking.

(b) I love everything about it!

(c) I want to sell my book or product and I think being a social media rock star is an essential part of my strategy

(d) It seems easy. Everything else is just too much hard work.

(e) I like to help people make the most of opportunities, and everyone can do so with social media

(2) How interactive will my sales model be?

(a) The social networking part will be the full extent of my customer/client interaction: It is aimed towards getting them to buy my product

(b) Highly interactive. I want to become a social networking or marketing coach.

(c) I plan to JV with people and become involved in client startups

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions… with one exception.  If you answered “c” to Question # 1, you may want to rethink your motives and strategy.  Becoming a social media rock star will require as much dedication, commitment and work as any other type of marketing career – possibly even more.  And anyone not willing to put in the time will quickly find out that the return on investment simply won’t be there.

Studying the top social media experts can help you do three things:

  • Start to see patterns in their self-promotion and marketing tactics
  • Identify new aspects and opportunities within the social media rock star identity
  • Show you “gaps” they may be leaving that you can fill

(Though admittedly, these gaps will be few and far between!)

You can decide:

  • How many social networks you wish to specialize in
  • Whether or not you want to specialize in any area they currently cover (e.g. become a social media video marketing specialist, rather than general rock star)
  • What you will find easy about your journey (though – be warned – your conclusions might prove deceptive)
  • Where you are most likely to encounter your biggest problems

For example, you look at creating workshops and appearing all over the continent and reality strikes you:  “Oh my stars, I just don’t have the budget for all those cross-continent, in-person workshops and appearances these top rock stars indulge in so routinely!”

A true entrepreneur instantly follows this statement with:

“Solution:  I must plan to create it!”

In fact, this makes up a huge part of becoming a successful rock star in any arena:

  • Knowing where you are right now
  • Knowing where you intend to end up, two or three or five years from now

Creating a model that will achieve your goal, sweeping you into a smooth, ever-expanding flow of income and reach to get there in one seamless journey – even allowing for all the “surprises” and shifts of current.

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Meet Karen Repoli

Karen Repoli, is a successful entrepreneur who has realized her dream of owning a successful business and having the freedom to live the lifestyle she desires. A seasoned business professional with 30 years of experience in office management, internet marketing and bookkeeping, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of NC, Greensboro and is VACertified.

Karen’s practical, proven systems help entrepreneurs accomplish their business goals. Karen is passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs so they can manifest their brilliance to the world.

She is the author of How To Create, Publish and Sell Your eBook as well as several ebooks including The Nuts and Bolts Series. This series includes books on Coaching Management, SEO, Social Media and Webinar Management. These manuals provide entrepreneurs with the practical tools they need to grow their business. Also, she is the Charleston Internet Business Examiner on is a top 100 website, reaching over 37 million unique visitors a month.


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