Simplify your online business with these simple delegation tips.

Laura: So Keith, we have talked about the fact that there are definitely different tips and tricks for successful delegation. Can you share a personal trick that you leverage for making delegation work for you? Keith: We talked about this in a previous episode and that is that I look for staff ahead of time and I have a bit of a list of staff. So I know that I’ve got probably the world’s greatest, the world’s best graphic designer in Melbourne up the road. He’s my best mate. So I know that in advance. So whenever I know I need graphics, I found my graphic designer. I have a web designer that I know in advance can do great work and is very reasonably-priced and can do a quick turnaround. So I think the real trick to this is to have a list, a list of people. We even went further than that in previous episodes to say have a couple of people on the list. So have a primary person who you know does great work but if they’re busy or sick or on holidays, you’ve got a secondary person you can go to if the project is urgent. Then maybe even a third person just so that you absolutely know you’re going to get the work done because when you get to our level of having ideas all the time, it’s almost a curse. You’ve got to get the stuff done. You’ve got to get it out and you need a team. You need your team, don’t you? Laura: Well, not only do you need your team, but your team is what affords you balance. So as an example, I’m about to take what is probably the vacation of a lifetime and I am going to be pretty much unplugged and out of the country for 32 days, which I never would have thought that I could have achieved. The only reason that I can do it is because I have a team and because I have multiple levels and layers to that team. So it’s very, very true. You need to have the multiple levels and layers. You need to have your go-to person or people, as well as others that you can rely on in a pinch. Then you need to hold yourself accountable to leveraging the strengths of the team that you create. There’s so much power in that.