This is Part 3 of my blog series featuring Hubspot’s AWESOME eBook


“Using Twitter for Business: An Introductory Guide”


In short, Twitter is a relationship-building and relationship maintenance tool; the most obvious business use of Twitter is to meet potential customers and leads the same way you would at networking event or tradeshow.

However, You Can Also Use it To:

1. Develop and promote your brand

2. Interact with your customer base

3. Track what people are saying about your company and brand

4. Create buzz around upcoming events

5. Help individual employees act as liaisons to the public

6. Promote other content you‘ve created, including webinars, blog posts or podcasts

7. Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement

8. Generate sales leads for your business

Twitter for Small Businesses: How & Why To Use It @SmallBizTrends

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