An Interview With Taya Payne

Our latest “MAGIC MELBOURNIANSepisode focuses on Influencer Marketing for fashion brands and this week we interview Taya Payne.

Taya has an AMAZING story about how she has set up a local business and is using Instagram & Facebook to promote it.



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Keith Keller: Hey guys! Keith Keller, Melbourne Australia.

Today we’re interviewing Taya Payne about Influencive marketing and I have called this particular, I’ve called this particular episode “Inside the head of Gen Zed” because, you know I’m 50, I don’t have any idea what the average 17 year old girl is thinking, but if I was selling clothes to 17 year old girls I’d need to know that.

So first things first let me know what’s going on in the head of Gen Zed how do you process the world, tell me, talk about Influence marketing and endorsements, what does that mean to you?

Taya Payne: Everything is Social Media at the moment!!

Especially Instagram, I feel Instagram is the one place that people my age, people within this market, so the young, between the ages of say16 and say like 30’s everyone are like spending all of our time like online, on social media, following all these influencers, all these big Instagram personalities, whether they are models or just regular people who have built their sort of empire on Social media through sponsorships and all these big ideas from the other companies and things .

I know me, personally I have grown up with Instagram specially so everything that I have done from the age of 13 to now, I’m 18 has been influenced by social media and Instagram.

So I’m following all these big inflencers and I’m seeing what they’re wearing ,or their designers, or what are the products they’re endorsing Frank Body Scrubs is a good example I have been using that since I was around 15 , 16 because it was exposed to me every day by big stars, big celebrities so I said “you know what let’s give it a go”.

Keith: So let’s go for what you said there, you didn’t buy that based on an ad on the T.V; you bought it because someone that you like recommended it

Taya: Yes

Keith: Tell me how that happened, what does that mean. I mean how did that happen, you saw that this person was using it, you thought I trust her, I trust him,

Taya: Yes

Keith: I’ll get some

Taya: And it’s not just; I think the big companies who do well like that. They don’t just contact one person to like endorse their products they contact heaps.

So in like teenage girls in Australia they’re getting all these people in their news feed endorsing this one product so you’re like this thing is big, this is a big brand, I’m missing out if I don’t know what “FOMO” is

Keith: What is FOMO stand for, for people who haven’t heard it.

Taya“Fear of missing out” and it’s a lot like that it’s not just things like that, it’s a lot of clothes.

So I know me, personally; designers like Zimmermann and Realization Par and all these brands, you might know that, these are the brands who are just working the Social media like nothing else,

Keith: Yeah

Taya: They’ve got celebrities from all around the world wearing their dresses and they’re like this dress for example, it’s seen on celebrities so I thought “I need that dress”, so I get that dress

Keith: Yes

Taya: And it’s the same with a lot of things that I do, even places that I go, so I was just saying before to Craig that yesterday I was actually in St. Kilda and there is a little place in Elwood called Combi , which is a little trendy store who have beautiful food like Salad bowls, Smoothies ,

Keith: Yeah, yeah a little bit like Soul Press

Taya: Exactly like Soul Press and I have been seeing all these Instagram influencers who have been posting this trendy place for a while. 

So I thought next time I’m in St Hilda I need to go there, so I went there yesterday and got my nice Instagram snap of their food and the beautiful bowl and the food was awesome, but a lot of it is driven by Instagram. If you see these people with this awesome food you’re like I want to go there.

If you see these people with this awesome food you’re like I want to go there.

Keith: The thing that I’m fascinated by this particular live stream is that we first started with the idea that you are Gen Zed.

….. and that you are a consumer, you went to, Combi because your friends went there, and people you respect went therebut what I’d really love to do is flip it, and hear your story about how you are using this knowledge of influencer marketing and endorsements for your brand which is “Rent My Wardrobe OG”

What I’d really love to do is flip it, and hear your story about how you are using this knowledge of influencer marketing and endorsements for your brand 


“Rent My Wardrobe OG”


Taya: OG for Ocean Grove where I live, so as I was saying before.

I’ve grown up with Instagram and being exposed to all these dresses and fashion, which has given me my passion so I got really sucked in by, and so over the years I have sort of collected this big wardrobe of designer dresses and so I thought I have been spending all this money on dresses what do I do with it.

So it’s sort of a bit of an up and coming thing on Instagram, renting your clothes out.

Keith: Yeah

Taya: So I thought well people can do it for big platforms like there is a big platform called “Rent A Dress”, and people pay $10 or $11 to post their dress for this company

So the lady who has been running this is; she’s making money from this and the page is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and people everywhere are going to them when they want to rent a designer dress without paying full price, so I thought cool thing well I’ve got a lot myself so instead of doing it through somebody else starting up my own little Instagram.

I came up with “Rent My Wardrobe OG” and so I’ve only started it during the fall of last year, so I never thought of; it was only a bit of money on the side and stuff like that, but now I want to grow that, grow my followers, grow my rentals and things like that

Keith: Let me just clarify what happened here, you started off with a wardrobe of clothes that you were wearing, but were costing you buckets of money

Taya: Yeah, yeah

Keith: And so you went well how can I sort of recoup that cost

Taya: Yes exactly, making money off them

Keith: So it started off as just simply recouping the cost of keeping up with the fashionable dresses 

Taya: I’m getting money so I can buy more, rent that out so the dresses are now paying for themselves, and I’ll be able to get more and grow this collection, and so I’m doing things like I’ve made a Facebook page, and so I’ll be doing some more promoting and stuff through that, as the numbers grow 

Keith: Yeah, Yeah

Taya: So I just started that a couple of days ago, and I have contacted a couple of girls who are influencers who have about 20,000 followers or so, who are really into the lifestyle kind of idea that I’m in with a self-branding image

Keith: Yeah, Yeah

Taya: So I’ve contacted them and said, look I’m starting a little business and if you’re interested I’d love to send you some playsuits or dresses for free, if you were to just take a photo of them, post it on your Instagram and sort of in your description let people know that this dress was from “Rent My Wardrobe OG”, so then that’s automatically getting people to look at my page, but also that photo,  that this girl would have posted she; I’d be able to use that photo as content for my own website, then my followers would be like “ooh this girl, I know who she is, she is like the Disney channel host”, because I’ve contacted a girl from Disney Channel, who is interested in

Keith: In a, in a way this is very similar to Uber, in a sense that you know a dress might cost $500, but you rent it out for $100, so a person who might need a really, really fabulous dress, but doesn’t want to spend $500, can get a fabulous dress for $100, saving $400 still looks brilliant.

Taya: Yes exactly, and no one would know, and she would post that on her own Instagram and people would say Oh she’s got that dress when really she’s not paid full price, but she’s still getting the perks of this self-branding image that you’ve got nice clothes, which is; which may seem to some a bit materialistic, but at the end of the day that’s what the world is turning into.

Keith: If you’re, if you’re living in a world where you’ve got to dress up and you’re going to events and you’re in the public eye,

Taya: yeah

Keith: I can just imagine, and I’ve never thought of this before, but I can just imagine how much it would cost to buy everything

Taya: Oh it’s so expensive

Keith: Yeah, but if you can say Hey Caroline I’ve got this really hot date tonight and  I really want to look sweet hot, for a 100 bucks I can actually max this out.

Taya: Exactly

Keith: Rather than 500 bucks

Taya: Oh for sure, and I have dresses that are like $500, $600 that I rent out for like $70

Keith: Just such a a brilliant idea Taya!!





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