How Far Did Your Tweets Travel? 

The most common question I get these days is:

How do I get more followers?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to generate followers but is not everything.

Followers are one thing but solid, good quality connections are another thing entirely.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to one of my favourite websites:

This AWESOME site tracks:

  • How many followers you have.

  • How many people are retweeting you?

  • How many followers your connections have.

  • The total number of followers reached.

This is what we refer to as “TWEET REACH”

Tweet Reach 4 @KeithKeller

Tweet Reach 4 @KeithKeller


I’ve spoken quite a few times now about how one day “3 MILLION PEOPLE” saw my tweets.

Pretty cool, but did this happen?

Basically, the stars aligned and because I’ve helped a lot of people out in the past, they retweeted me and by the time a few people with thousands of followers did that, I had reached over 3 million people that day.

I’ve said many times before that unless someone out there is listening, there’s not much point in being on any social media platform, much less Twitter.

One way to gather a loyal list of “listeners” is to retweet others first.

At the simple click of a button, you can retweet someone else’s messages and help to spread the word about what they are doing.

It’s one of the easiest things you’ll ever do with Twitter.

Another thing you can try is using hashtags!!

Don’t worry, I go into hashtags in great detail in an upcoming but for now, try this little experiment on Tweet Reach.

Use #Business in your posts one day (if that’s relevant to you that is) and then experiment the next day by changing the hashtag/s you use (say to #Success for example)

You’ve got a heap of data there to work with, and by tracking which hashtag gets better results, you’ll instantly know which hashtag is more appealing to your audience.

You’ve really got to be tracking everything you can these days, then keep what is working and stop doing what isn’t. 




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Annemarie Cross (AMC) Now we’ve got a very special segment and of course, we are doing these over the next 10 shows.

We’ve been doing them for the previous three so for the next seven let me get back right.

This special series, of course, is for coaches and consultants who want to focus on how to promote themselves and their products using Twitter, and of course, we’ve got a very special guest who is one of our global business partners, Keith Keller.

Welcome to this segment Keith!!

Keith Keller (KK) Hey - We are really rockin’ this one now!!

AMC: We certainly are!!

What are we talking about today?

KK: Well, I really want to talk about today the idea of the trap that people are getting obsessed about getting more followers.

I will give you a tip about getting more followers coz I get asked that question every day.

What I really want you to focus on it, what I call “Tweet Reach”, what is actually been called Tweet Reach, this is a site

He is possibly the coolest site in the Twitterverse.

What it measures is how many followers do you have, how many people retweet you and how many followers do they have so I mentioned you in the last episode that I have about 31000 followers but on one particular day 3 million people saw my tweets because of all my followers collective tweet reach.

So a radio answerer in the US, a friend of mine in Miami, another mate of mine in Philadelphia.

People often say, “Keith, you are speaking tomorrow so let’s give you some kudos, you have helped me heaps and heaps and heaps.”

It’s your day in the sun.

So is the site that just allows you to say how many of my followers are retweeting me.

Because there’s absolutely no point in having lots and lots of followers if they’re not listening.

The best way to find out if people are listening and the ultimate complement you can pay someone, is to retweet their stuff.

It’s a very simple procedure, just click the retweet button, there is a little button which just says “retweet”, you just push the button and it goes at all your followers.

So I have 30 000 each followers, you have 30 000 each followers, my friend in Philadelphia has 330 000 followers so right there, with a push of this button, we’ve reached 390 000 people in 10 seconds.

What cool is that?

AMC: So Keith I think with the reach, it’s so very important because you can also gage what are people retweeting because that shows you that you really are sharing a topic or information that your community is interested in.

That really is the way that you want to continue to concentrate because, as you know you’ve mentioned in show N°1, that Twitter really is the information network and you want to then kind of establish what is it that people are really retweeting and sharing with their community.

KK: there is a really cool way to think about tweet reach.

I mean of course the most common way is “how many followers do I have and how many time do I get more kudos.

There is a very simple way to do it, you just put in your Twitter handle into, there is little box there and you can just check your daily scores.

The other way to do it, picking up what we’ve just said there, is “do I get more retweets when I tweet about business, #business, or do I get more retweets when I tweet with #success ?”

So you can actually say “you know I will try both”.

I’ll try to tweet with #business, #success, and I will just see which of those streams are more popular.

We gonna do an own section about hashtags, it’s coming up in the next episode so don’t stress.

AMC: I was just gonna say “Keith how do we explain what the hashtag is” if someone thought you just sneezed.

KK: I’m do an own section on that yes.

The thing that’s great about Twitter, now you gonna start talking about tools is that you can measure everything.

You can stand on the top of the Empire State Building, and shout “G’DAY it’s Keith Keller from Melbourne Australia” and if no one is listening that is just a waste of time.

With Twitter, you can punch that out and you can check how many people viewed it, how many people retweeted it, was I this on the money or was it of no use to people, because I’m sure that most of the people we know want to create content that is of service to others.

So if you create content you think it might be useful but no-one is viewing it, and then you can check the stats, then tweak it and go “you know what I get much more success when I use the #success than when I  use the #marketing.

So you can use in 2 ways: checking the numbers around the hashtags, checking the numbers around the Twitter handle.

To get back to the idea of Twitter followers, I personally believe this is a trap to get obsessed about that, but we can’t help that.

Everyone knows there is a number on their page and we want to get more.

Just to guide that is just the way we are wired.

So I’ve got a technic for that, just to give you something useful.

There is an amazing site, which at this time is free but I have to clarify that because I’ve been recommended to others recent sites so maybe it just closed down or change in a new paid model, is called

Unbelievable site!!

What it does is, you’re tapping a keyword and it will tell you everyone in the world who has that keyword in their bio. That’s why it’s so important to have one.

So you might be typing Melbourne, and it will share with you everyone in the world who uses Melbourne in their Bio like “I love Melbourne even though I’m living in New York, or I’m from Melbourne and so connect with me”.

What that means is, in a very very quick way, maybe 10 minutes a day, you can connect with like minded souls.

You know just connecting with anyone who build your number up.

You’re connecting with Melbournnians, you’re connecting with people who are in photography or business or marketing or twitter.

It’s a very simple site to use, just use the bar across the top and type any keyword.

Try to follow maybe 20 people a day, you need to do manner on that now because Twitter’s got clamping down on this, it’s very important that we talk about that because Twitter hates these social sites that charge you, of fee you for search for people and then unfollow them the next days.

You’re not allowed to do it anymore. It’s prohibited by Twitter.

AMC: Okay… If they find out they can shut down an account right?

KK: It’s just shut down, we call it the Twitter Jail.

Just go to jail for a week and if you’re doing it over and over again, they just close you down.

So, allows you to follow people that you’re interested in the same things that you’re interested in.

What I love about Twitter, it’s just the most extraordinary working tool.

I’ve meet incredible people all over the world who I would never have met and I’ve been open enough to say “you know what?

I’m really interesting in people who are really interested in photography.

Let’s connect!!

With everyone in the world that’s on that, and you have instantly got a connection.

The reason why it’s so important, and try this over time, you probably find that if you do follow 20 to 30 people a day, you should get about 20% to 30% of people who are following you back.

So for every 1000 people that you follow you should get about 200 or 300 followers.

Now, some people don’t like that idea, they don’t want to follow more than who follows them but remember, lots and lots of people haven’t heard about you yet, and that’s okay!

It’s not spammy, you’re just simply reaching out.

So if you look at any of my accounts, you’ll notice universally that I follow more people than follows me.

AMC: Yeah, because you’re connected!

You love connecting with people so.

You know one thing that you’ve mentioned in the last segment is that you need to share content and as we know Twitter is the information network so if you’re sharing really good content and really good tweets, people are going to read them and they’ll be more likely then to want to follow you because they‘re really reading your stuff and they’re thinking “wow, this person is really nice”.

KK: There is one thing that has been absolutely scientifically proven.

If you don’t want to follow others, and that’s perfectly receptacle if you don’t, you will get more followers simply by tweeting good stuff because people would find it, people would looking for.

The thing that I love about these 10 part series that I’ve devised and I’m so proud Annemarie agrees to do it with me is that I gonna show you how people can find your stuff.

Now you’ve got stuff, you’ve got lots of books, you’re speaking on the radio, you’ve got a TV show, you’re doing a gig at the town hall next week and you want people to come and people wanna go, but they don’t know about it.

So what Twitter is great for this, getting the word out!

So when people want to know and you’ve got the information that they will benefit from, Twitter puts you together.

It’s just brilliant!!

AMC: Yeah I love it! So Keith, what are we gonna be talking about in the next episode?

KK: I wanna talk about the idea of scheduling.

You know we are all busy, one of the thing that we are all struggling with is time, so there is a number of really magnificent automation tools.

Don’t get upset about automation.

Twitter is in real-time and that’s fantastic but we’re real people, we need to cook, we need spare time with our children, we need to sleep, we need to get some exercising and what happens with this sites, these three that I want to talk about, they are all very similar but I will explain the differences, they allow you to tweet throughout the day so that’s your leaking out information over time.

This is especially important if you have a “global” mindset.

55% of my followers live in America, only 13% of my followers actually live in Australia.

Only 13%!!

So if I’m only thought about Australian time, I’m missing out from 87% of my market.


So I need to tweet early in the morning here because that’s a good time for London, I need to tweet late at 9 here because it’s a good time for New York and that’s why I can catch up with people either both, they’re getting my e-book, I’m getting their email.

Or I do spend an hour-day trying to connect with people so we gonna talk next week about the idea of scheduling your tweets, try to get some automation going so you can get out there and do your speaking gigs or you can go away on your tweets, write your next book or you can spend time with your child.

AMC: Yeah very important.

Well once again Keith thank you for sharing your brilliance and I cannot wait to listen to next week’s episode to find out what those tools are to schedule our tweets!

KK: So see you next week!!






Sylvia is Keith’s French translator. She’s from Toulouse, in the south of France, but currently living “somewhere in New Zealand” for 10 months.

After a Master in Communication & Marketing, she realized that you don’t need to be brave or lucky to travel on your own; but just making the decision and doing it.

So she decided to live her dream: discover a new country, a new language and meet people from around the world.

Fascinated by the power of Social Media throughout her studies, she recognizes that she’s drawn her inspiration for her travels from experiences of others travelers shared online by blogs or Facebook / Twitter accounts, and this is the reason why she’s sharing her experience online as well.

Meeting Keith thanks to others’ connections and working with him was an amazing opportunity for her to learn more about the REAL Twitter, improve her skills in Social Media and also share her vision of using Twitter during her travel.



Twitter: @slandez @KiaOraKaikoura



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