Angela Sargeant explains Twitter can be an amazing tool to promote your music & build your fan base globally.




If you’ve been on Twitter for any length of time, you might think it’s a platform more suited to businesses, while musicians just post their daily musings and links to other social platforms.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

If you’re a musician, Twitter isn’t just a place to announce you’ve dropped a new single.

…. and it’s so much more than a place to simply push your Instagram posts to.

Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a band, Twitter is actually an extremely powerful social platform for you to build your fan base, create new opportunities for more work, and gain extra exposure.

Sound good?

Then read on, because here’s everything musicians need to know about Twitter, to help support a music career.

Twitter is unique in that everyone is welcome to join in the conversation, and everyone has the opportunity to grow their community.

Twitter, in my opinion, is the most genuinely social of all platforms.

It’s an amazing place to make connections that you wouldn’t be able to make anywhere else online.

Of course there’s no use in posting on Twitter every day unless it’s going to help your music career right?

Otherwise you’re better off spending that time writing new music and/or performing.

You’ve put all that blood, sweat and tears into creating your music, now you need to get it out to the people.

… and we all know getting listeners on Spotify and YouTube takes some serious work.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how Twitter can help support you by getting your name out there, and achieve your goals as a musician.



What To Post On Twitter




Twitter, like any other social platform, is going to be much more successful for you if you have a solid strategy to follow.

Now I know it doesn’t look like those who are at the top of the industry have a strategy.

So, how could you use Twitter?

Well that’s going to depend on your goals.

What is it that you want from Twitter?


  • Do you want more people to listen to you on Spotify?
  • Are you looking for more gigs?
  • Would you like to find others to collaborate with?
  • Do you want to connect with industry influencers to find new opportunities for you?
  • Maybe you want all of the above and more


When you know what you want to achieve with Twitter, you can start formulating a strategy.

You want to start with your goal and work backwards.

Because if your goal is to connect with promoters, and all you do is share your Instagram posts (dozens of hashtags and all), you’re not going to hit that goal.

So first thing you want to do is think about what you want, and create posts that will achieve that goal.

Now you might be thinking “there’s one slight issue”.

Not many people are seeing your tweets and engaging with your content. 

Help is at hand, let’s talk about that now.


Getting More Exposure With Twitter



There’s no use in having a tens of thousands of followers if they’re not interested in your work.

Building your following with people who are interested in your musical journey will help you with engagement, create momentum and build excitement for your brand.

But where to find followers who are interested?

While there are many apps you can use to help you find people who would be interested in your music, Twitter itself has quite a powerful search engine, although most people have never seen it.

Whether you’re looking for fans, promoters, venues, agents and so on, you can find people to engage with, using Twitter’s advanced search to start building your following.

You can use keywords to in the search facility to find people to connect with, and you can even search by location.

This feature is perfect if you’re looking for venues, and most importantly, more gigs.

I highly recommend you play around with Twitter’s advanced search to find fans of your genre of music, and anyone else who you want to connect with online to help your music career.

So now you have some interested followers, it’s time to get posting and start building up your brand on Twitter.

Of course being a creative, simple text posts aren’t going to excite you, or your audience for any length of time.

So let’s talk now about using short videos on Twitter to build your engagement.



Using Video On Twitter




While Twitter isn’t the first place you think about for video, it’s a brilliant place for you to share short form videos to keep your audience interested, engaged, and to make you more memorable.

Twitter is limited to just over two minute videos now, and that’s actually a good thing for you as a musician.

You’re not looking to upload your videos to another platform, as that means you’ll be splitting your video views between YouTube and Twitter.

What Twitter is great at, is giving your audience that quick snapshot to pique their interest.

You want to give people just enough to want to know more about you.

The aim is to get people to want to see and hear more of what you do on YouTube and Spotify.

The proven results of using video on Twitter are impressive.

Even with a thirty second video, you can really capture people’s attention.

Using a mixture of text posts, images and short videos, Twitter is awesome at helping you promote your music and brand.

So now, you’re ready to jump into Twitter and pump up your online exposure.

The next blog post is all about how to promote your music on Twitter. 









Angela Sargeant is an Online Branding and Social Media Strategist who helps businesses stand out from the crowd, connect with their audience, and create warm leads.

From corporate marketing in IT and telecommunications, to direct sales, and coaching private clients, Angela has been in Marketing for over 25 years.

Angela’s specialty is helping her clients create a strong online brand, and building that vital connection with their audience and ideal client on social media.





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